Training Recap

It’s another week and another opportunity to check in to see how I did with my training. I also officially finished a full month and out of the 31 days I rested 11 of those days, which translates to about once every three days I take a day off. That isn’t horrible but also isn’t as ideal as I would like it to be. I would have rather that been only 8 days or closer to, than what I did but it only leaves room for improvement. Let’s get on with it though!


What I was suppose to do:
Monday – 3 mile run
Tuesday – 4.5 mile run
Wednesday – 9×400 sprints
Thursday – 4 mile run
Friday – 2 mile run
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 5k race

What I actually did:
Monday – Body Pump
Tuesday – 4.5 mile run
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 9×400 sprints
Friday – 4 mile run
Saturday – 3.5 mile run and some circuits in between miles
Sunday – Rest

I’m really ok with what I did this past week, I got the sprints in and although I could have done something Wednesday morning before the girls night, I am ok with not. My body is hurting a lot right now, which normally happens as I start to add miles to my weeks, though a 16 mile week isn’t a ton like I use to, it is still a lot more than I have been doing and it is wearing me out. I was even so tired that I skipped body pump yesterday which says a lot since I love that class. I’m in the same boat I was when I was training for the Boilermaker now, I just can’t wait to have my workouts back and not have to do as much running. One thing I do know those is that if I keep my activity level up I will be fine on race day.

Now on to some fun stuff, Becky over at does a Treat Yourself Tuesday, I haven’t really participated in a few weeks since I have been busy but I still treat myself and this weekend was no different. After a full 24 hours of pouring all my attention onto the boyfriend I needed some personal time and space, so I left him playing some game on the xbox and went to get my toes done. First though I swung into TJMaxx and was able to find this awesome dress to wear to his party that night. It is so comfortable I have actually already worn it to work too yesterday. I pair mine with a hot green cardigan. I feel like playing “who wore it better” with this picture… she probably did though since I don’t own or really like wearing huge chunky necklaces. After buying it and being so excited that it fit, I then found out that it was a juniors! Just another thing to make my day, would also explain why the length was perfect though.

Image Source Here

After the quick trip I then snuck over to the salon and got a festive color for my toes!  I love how it turned out, as you can only see the sparkles when the sun hits them. Plus I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit so anything with mistletoe in the name was surly going to win!

Image from

I also then swung by Ulta to get some nail polish remover, conditioner and then ended up picking up a curling iron! I had used my old Conair one on Friday to get ready for the boys birthday dinner and it just took FOREVER to heat up and kept loosing the heat while I was using it. So I bought this one at the lady’s recommendation, boy did it work well! It was quick to heat up and stayed really hot the whole time.  I think if I did smaller sections of my hair it would also last a really long time. I just wanted some bounce though.

Image Here

A treat yourself Saturday and boy did I treat myself!

Now on to dinner last night, I wanted to make some fish since we have been having some very meat heavy meals, so I swung by Whole Foods to do my weeks shopping and get some fish to cook off that night. I knew I already had rice in the pantry and wanted to pair the fish with a vegetable that the boy would love as he hasn’t been 100% honest with me in what vegetables he likes. So I grabbed a huge bunch of asparagus to make with the dinner as well. It turned out I also had pilaf in the house which just has a tad more flavor than plain white rice so I used that and made a Chilean Sea Bass with Pilaf and Roasted Asparagus.

Super easy to make, the pilaf just follow the box directions (ha!) and the asparagus I treated like it was these potatoes. For the sea bass you just salt and pepper both sides and then bring a pan filled with about two tablespoons of olive oil and a few sprigs on thyme to a smoke. Then place the fish skin side down and LEAVE IT ALONE! The skin will start to lift from the pan when it is ready to flip, you just have to make sure it is hot enough when you put it in the pan. When you flip it, only cook the other side for a few minutes and then you will have a nice medium rare fish with crispy skin. Both the boy and I cleared our plates, not too bad for a healthy meal!

Happy Tuesday all


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