Last week flew by and ended with me being insanely tired during the weekend. I think I slept half the day on Saturday after skiing and then well into Sunday morning. It showed in my training too as I didn’t get half as much done as I would have liked to.

Here is what I was suppose to do:
Monday – 3 mile run
Tuesday – 4 mile run
Wednesday – 40 minute tempo run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Cross Train
Sunday – 6 mile run

Here is what I actually did:
Monday – Body Pump
Tuesday – Boot Camp
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Skiing
Sunday – 5 mile run

So not as good as I was the week before that is for sure. I really nailed the rest days and only ran one day. I listened to my body though and it was tired so I slowed down and just took it easy. I’ve already gotten back on track with the workouts and haven’t missed a day since Saturday so  nice little three day stretch going again. I plan on working out tonight after work (I really tried to get up to go to boot camp, but I was tired when the alarm went off so I laid back down for two hours) and then Thursday through Sunday.

Sorry for the yuck picture, I didn’t love the taste so it didn’t get pretty

Now on to my little dilemma I’m having. I am trying to recreate some meatballs I had awhile ago on girls night. You can see them here. I made this recipe last night here, and it gave me the texture I was looking for but was lacking on flavor. I don’t know what was missing but something wasn’t there. I’m thinking perhaps some cheese needed to be added so I’ll try that next time. The boyfriend is loving the experiments though because I just found out that pasta dinners are some of his favorite! What?! Those are so easy to make, why am I just finding this out now.

Does anyone have a phenomenal meatball recipe? They have to melt in your mouth and be packed with flavor. 


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