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Weekend Recap

Friday when I got home I was beat with a capital B! The week really took a lot out of me and I was struggling to stay awake past dinner. I made the Buffalo Chicken Quesdillas and some salad then the boyfriend asked if I wanted to watch a scary movie in honor of Halloween, so we watched the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. The funny part was, the scariest part was when we were deciding the movie and I needed to go to the basement to get blankets, when the actual movie started I was totally fine!

The next morning we got up and headed up to Killington to use some free passes that were about to expire from work and get in our first ski day of the year. I was really excited to go but the boyfriend was kind of “ehh” about it. Until we saw the mountain with snow on it!

When we got up to the top we were both bouncing with excitement as we made our first run. I totally forgot just how beautiful it is up there!

Because it was the first day open and it was only the middle of October there weren’t a lot of trails open. I think there were only a combination of three or four that we could do, plus once we were done we had to hike about 5 minutes back to the top so we could catch the gondola down. I was out of breath by the time we reached that and so tired. I fell asleep twice while driving home and then at least 5 times while the boyfriend was watching the Red Sox game. Then we went to bed and I slept until 10 the next morning, I really needed to catch up on my sleep!

Time to wake up yet mama?

After rolling out of bed Sunday the boyfriend started to clean so I joined in and we picked up the apartment and did a few loads of laundry. Then he started to watch football and I made some breakfast, it was my usual again, which I absolutely love.

I also decided that I was going to make a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and acorn squash as a big Sunday dinner. I love doing big Sunday dinners when it starts to get cold out, I just don’t love how it makes everything in the apartment smell like what I cooked for a day. Some day when I have a house that won’t be an issue though. I went to the store to get everything and then after I put it away at home went for a run.

It was supposed to be a 6 mile run per my training schedule but after mile 2.8 the gps paused and I didn’t know really how far I went. I lost a lot of steam after that happened and decided just to go home. I think I did a little over 5 miles, but didn’t hit the 6 mile mark for sure. Oh well, I’ll have to find a place to drive to and run, maybe my old neighborhood!

After a shower I got to making the bird. I followed the recipe here, and it turned out pretty good. I wasn’t a huge fan of the onions though so I will probably leave those out next time, but this was such a juicy bird! It needed more time to rest before I cut it but it still retained most of its moisture. The gravy needed some cornstarch to thicken it up a little bit, it was more of an au jus instead but the flavor was there!

Then I watched football with the boyfriend for awhile while I painted my nails for Halloween. I wish I had a solid black and not a crackle one, but they still came out cute.

It was a fantastic weekend! I hope everyone had an equally awesome one.


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