Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

Gosh where did that weekend go?! I feel like it was just 5:00 on Friday! Friday night I headed home and then headed out for a run before date night with the boyfriend. I got in 4 miles before I turned a corner and there was Pepe Le Pew, the scream I emitted was enormous and I sprinted the other way, then I had to climb up a bank to get back to the trail on the other side. So the last mile wasn’t as fast, but my heart rate sure was up!

The boyfriend and I then got read and went to a Showcase Lux theater to watch Gravity. It was pretty cool because the seats were all huge recliners and everyone had their own server. Though my food wasn’t that great I think my stomach was also off slightly due to how close we had to sit and slightly due to the graphic nature of the movie. I had a great time though and really liked the movie. After we had some time since we saw the 8:30 showing so we went and walked around. It was so pretty with all the trees lit up!

We then saw that Shake Shack had no line, which is very rare as every time I have seen it there has been a line that goes around the building at least once. That being said we had to go in and try something, yet the menu was so huge and I was already full from eating an hour earlier, until I saw frozen custard.

Can I tell you this has possibly ruined me forever. This stuff is so rich and creamy it is almost like a truffle melting in your mouth each bite you take. The flavor is so rich and so developed too, even on just a plain vanilla I was in heaven. I only ate half of it though and put the other half in the freezer, which after it fully froze into a solid brick I had some more and that made it even better.

The rest of the weekend was really focused around my grandma though. Back in late February we lost my grandpa at the age of 90, every since then she has quickly gone downhill. I cannot even imagine losing someone you had been with for almost 70 years, and know that it is really taking it’s toll on her. I’m glad that she was on an up though while I was there because she ate all her meals and didn’t complain about much. She did keep forgetting things that she was talking about which is sad to see, but I’m glad I was able to spend the time with her.

She may be old buy she is still a diva at heart

Now it’s back to the grind! I’m pretty busy this week so posts might come at night and not in the morning, but I’m still thinking about you all! Oh and if you have any dinner suggestions send them my way, I didn’t even get time to meal plan this weekend so I’m going into Whole Foods blind…that’s never a good thing!


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