I love girls night! There is nothing that gets me through the day more than knowing I get to have a dinner with the ladies. Last night didn’t disappoint either, it was fantastic food and a wonderful time to catch up since we hadn’t had ladies night in a long time.

We went to Deuxave which has been ranked very high on both Best of Boston and Trip Advisor, though not known for their cheese plate which is rare for us to go outside of the best cheese plates. I got there a little early as the traffic gods and the parking gods were all in my favor, so I enjoyed a glass of red wine at the bar while I waited for the ladies to arrive. I didn’t wait long though and soon enough we were shown to our table, which I have to say is probably one of the highlights for me. The chairs were enormous and so comfortable, I ended up staying longer and talking with them long after dinner was done because I just felt so comfortable.

There was no cheese plate on the menu but I knew that such a nice place had to have some sort of cheese so I asked and it turns out it was actually on their dessert menu, but they were more than happy to bring it out as a starter. I loved the presentation and loved all the cheeses they gave us, shockingly my favorite was the blue cheese mixed with some fresh honeycomb the sweet and salty was something I could eat all night.

The waitress, who was phenomenal, also told us about a special they were running that night of white truffle risotto, I got so bummed because I thought I was going to branch out and have something new for dinner yet when I hear truffle risotto I cannot pass it up, but then when she said it was an appetizer and the ladies agreed to split it with me so I was over the moon. When the chef actually came out and shaved truffle over our risotto I was even happier. It was so rich and so creamy, but I think black truffles are still my favorite, I’m not complaining though as this was amazing.

For dinner we all got different things, after Erin’s fabulous filet at her wedding I wanted steak again and I wanted it pretty rare. This steak came with crispy mushrooms and potato croquets, the flavors all played well together and it was seasoned perfectly. The carrots on the side really did nothing for me besides add a little color.

Mia got the duck and said it was pretty good, though her lentils weren’t cooked all the way.

Allie, shocker of all shockers, got the scallops and ate almost all of it. They had a lot of leeks and onions on there that she wasn’t too hot on but said that the scallops were amazing.

After our main courses were cleared away I thought I couldn’t eat another bite, but the dessert menu showed up and Allie said we had to try the PB&J dessert, which I agreed since it is so unique. I’m glad we did, when it came out it was a deconstructed Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, with peanut butter mousse, concord grape sorbet, and then dabs of jelly with crushed peanut brittle and cake. I could not get enough peanut butter mousse, this is something that I will be having or making again!

When we got our check, they brought out some small lemon meringues, Mia loved them, Allie and I…ehhhhh.

Dinner was just what I needed and I’m so glad we got together, I have missed them and needed some solid lady time.

I also want to end by saying what has made me happy this week. I know I have been a tad negative in my posts recently with my job and my outlook on some things, this is where I come to vent all my emotions, but things are making me happy and I would like to share them. The first would be when I came home Monday from the gym and found the aparatment had been cleaned by the boyfriend. It was a gesture that he knew would really mean a lot to me and my analness and he did it without expecting anything in return. The second would be the sprints I was able to run on Wednesday, they made me feel so good about myself as an athlete and hopefully I can keep up the training so I can become a little faster. The third is a nomination I made for a lady I work with to get an award came to fruition and she is a finalist. She works so hard and I feel that she doesn’t realize how much we actually appreciate it, so hopefully she wins!

Have a wonderful weekend my virtual friends!


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