Yesterday my training called for 8×400 at a 5k pace. I had no clue what that meant so I looked it up and found I would be doing sprints. AHHHHHHHHHH. I’ve always been a distance runner not a fast runner, but apparently to get faster you have to train your body to work at a higher level and to do that you need to push it for short periods of time. So what the workout actually looked like was a warm up for a mile, which I did between 5mph and 6mph, then sprint at 8mph for .25 miles and recover by lightly running for .12 miles at 5.5mph. I did this 8 times so in total I went a little over 4 miles.

The last two .25 mile sprints were hard mentally but my body held up fine, I was so shocked but like my favorite quote, “your mind gives up a thousand times before  your body actually does”, states you would be shocked at what your body can actually handle. What surprised me even more was when I was done with the 4 miles it was 35 minutes. WHAT?! That is insane, I shaved over 5 minutes off my usual pace. I was so proud of myself!

I surely felt like supergirl with the wind at her back!

Image Source Here

Tonight I have a date night with my ladies, which is so long overdue! I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday and TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!

Have you ever run sprints? 


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