On Sunday I was lucky enough to go to the Patriots game with my work as a team building activity.

They were playing New Orleans and before heading into the game I stopped by one of my friends tailgates for awhile to hang out. The theme was all New Orleans food and it was the first time that I have ever tried Jambalaya. Let me tell you, after one spoonful I knew that I had found something I loved, it is a food that is just a bunch of delicious foods mixed together. I know I love mixing things together but I also know the boyfriend is very anti mixing so I asked him if he would be ok if I made it for dinner. He was nonchalant about it so I took the opportunity.

I had no clue what was actually in it so I looked through Pintrest and didn’t find anything I really loved, then looked through Food Network and didn’t find anything that really appealed to me. Then I went on over to Ms Martha’s site and obviously found something amazing. So last night after purchasing everything on Monday I got to making my first Jambalaya.

I followed the recipe here, except added a tad more celery to it and also added a chipotle pepper and a jalapeño pepper, and there were no regular 14oz cans of crushed tomatoes at Whole Foods so I had to use fire roasted ones. I think it came out phenomenal, it had quite a kick to it too which made it so I didn’t need to season it with a lot of salt and pepper. I will for sure be making this again, though perhaps as something to take to lunch as the boyfriend liked it but wasn’t in love with it telling me “it’s good, I just don’t want it every week”.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!


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