Week One of Training Complete

Last week I said I was going to start to train for the race I do at Thanksgiving. I laid out my plan and said I would report on it next week. So a week later I look at what I was suppose to do vs. what actually happened and some of it is kind of sad but some of it I am proud of.

I was suppose to:

Tuesday – 3 miles run
Wednesday – 35 minute tempo run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Cross Train
Sunday – 4 mile run
Monday – 3 mile run

What I actually did:

Tuesday – Boot Camp
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 4 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest (unless you consider dancing like a maniac exercise)
Sunday – Rest
Monday – 3 mile run

So some days I stayed on track others I didn’t do anything. With the wedding being this weekend I’m not overly upset with myself. I wish I pushed a little harder but I am glad I gave myself the extra sleep on the wedding days so I wasn’t beat the whole day. Plus Monday morning after sleeping a full 8 hours I was still tired, even last night the boyfriend and I were watching the Walking Dead and I wanted to fall asleep before 9. I know I will get back into the groove this week and continue with the 5-6 days of exercise so I’m ok with it.

I have been asked by a few for a new playlist though, so I can oblige in that! This is what I ran to the other day when I did four miles. There was also a fantastic commercial when I was listening to these songs about Channel, so for two minutes I listened to that while getting my heart rate down.

Do you know what is also really weird, I can run better, meaning faster and longer, on one brand of treadmill vs. another at the gym. I don’t know what it was about this other one, but after a mile I got off and switched to the one I normally use and felt like it was a million times easier, perhaps it is all in the head though!

Last night was shopping night too so I got stuff for the week and decided since I worked out and then went shopping I would just throw together some pasta quickly. I used the sauce I made here along with some fresh gnocchi, mozzarella and basil. Turned out pretty decent for only taking 10 minutes to make.

Do you notice a difference between treadmills or other machines at the gym? Do you have a preferred one? 


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