Weekend Recaps

Erin’s Married!

What a beautiful weekend and a wonderful time I had! As you all know one of my best friends, Erin, got married this past weekend and I am so happy for her and her new husband. As we speak they are on their way to Paris and then Jamaica for their honeymoon, I’m not going to lie I’m a tad jealous. Let’s get down to the weekend though! It all started with me leaving early on Friday from work and getting to the hotel a little early to spare some time before the rehearsal dinner. Erin got there right after me and we went up on to the bridal suite where she had the most spectacular views.

It was also HUGE so there was plenty of room for all the girls to get ready in the following day.

I was already dressed so I just hung around while she did her makeup and stuff, I also got a shot of her rehearsal dress while she was getting ready with her new “Mrs. Gordon” hanger.

How funny is the Do Not Disturb sign, totally appropriate for Boston!

We then did a very quick run through of the wedding downstairs and headed off to dinner. It was hosted at Saraceno and was a fantastic time. The boyfriend showed up and I had sat down at the rowdy table. We had a blast and were both sad when the dinner finally came to an end. The Bride was beaming and I know she was having a great night!

We also were presented with perhaps the best brides maids gifts ever! It included our jewelry for the next day, Coach purses, lipstick, nail polish, and a candle. I was SO excited. She really outdid herself and it was way too much, but I am so appreciative.

The next day we were up bright and early to get ready for her big day.

I had drank a tad too much red wine the night before so I was beyond grateful when I got to the hair salon and they had cappuccino for me.

My stylist started to do my hair, and I told him that I was fine with this look, the bride wasn’t though!

He quickly had my hair up and then it was off to drop off my car and get some food with the boyfriend. I made it back to the hotel before the camera crew and flowers showed up so I quickly did my makeup and then hung out while people still got ready. We were all getting excited

Finally it was time for the bride to get ready and she was absolutely stunning!

After she put on her dress the night seemed to fly by! From the wedding itself to the pictures and the dancing.

You think you can photo bomb my camera and not end up here huh? 
Think again! 

I know everyone who went had a fantastic time and were so happy for the couple!

Watching his bride on the father daughter dance

The stunning bride watching her groom

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gordon!


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