Wedding Stuff

Good morning and happy Thursday! I was wishing very hard when I awoke this morning that it was a weekend day. Sadly the alarm thought differently and I was up and out of the door, barf! So yesterday sucked, plain and simple it sucked. I had a horrible day at work where all I wanted to do was either scream, cry or go work out to get out all my aggression. I texted the boyfriend and let him know, he suggested a workout after work but I had to go and get my hair done for the wedding to see what my stylist could do, that way when I go in on Saturday we already know what we are doing and what will stay in my hair. It was only 15 minutes and he already had my hair up, it didn’t stay that long after but he was just doing it to see what would work. I really like the result, it’s classic which is more my style.

I was going to send this photo to the bride and ask her if she liked it. But I didn’t want to stress her out anymore than she already is right now!

I then headed home where I heard him in the basement, and he walked up with the laundry basket having done the laundry for me. I was so touched, then when I walked in the house and saw it all picked up with even the bed made I almost cried. It was exactly what I needed after an awful day and I’m so lucky to have him as my support system when stuff starts to hit the fan.

So I forgot to post this the other day but for “Treat Yourself Tuesday” I kind of cheated and treated myself on Saturday. The rehersal dinner for the wedding is this Friday, and I wanted a new dress. I have tons of dresses and tons of fancy dresses that I could have worn, but I wanted something new. So while the boyfriend and I were at the mall on Saturday I was on the hunt for something that I loved. I found the perfect dress at express and absolutely adore it. I’m lucky I’m short too because this hits right at the knee on me instead of mid-thigh like the model. It is so delicate and so pretty, I cannot wait to wear it. I’m going to pair it with red shoes and red accessories.

 I also got some shirts as well and a bra from Victoria’s Secret so it was a great treat myself Saturday!

Are you more classic or more trendy?
I have a few trendy things but overall I’m more classic and comfort classic. If I could wear jeans and white shirts every day with some sort of accessories I would be happy! 


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