Huge Portions

Well yesterday I detailed a plan on what I was going to do for my workouts to train and today I’m taking a rest day. My alarm went off this morning and I was so tired I could hardly get up to shut it off. So I decided that I wouldn’t go to the gym in the morning. I would go at night but I have to run into the city to get a trial run for my hair done for Erin’s wedding on Saturday. Oh well, I have tomorrow to run and Friday to do something too. One day of unplanned rest is nothing to beat myself up over.

Yesterday was packed full of delicious meals though! Breakfast started off with a hardboiled egg and a leftover biscuit from Sunday’s breakfast. It was so satisfying and so filling that I didn’t even eat my morning snack. Something about a carb and an egg that just makes me happy.

I also picked up at Starbucks these Via packs since they didn’t have any KCups and have been loving them. I make them with water instead of milk like the instructions say to save a little calories and still find it rich and creamy.

For lunch I was going to have some leftover Sheppard’s Pie, but one of my coworkers needed to go out and do something and was going to stop by Whole Foods after for lunch, yep you guessed it I couldn’t stay away. So I got a huge salad from there that took me forever to eat, it had smoked mozzarella pasta salad, spinach and mixed greens, a torn up multigrain roll, plantains, and some shredded carrots and onion.

Dinner was a different story, I had plans to make a recipe I saw in my Martha Stewart magazine, but the boyfriend was going for a run and then going to get his hair cut so I just mentally gave up. I was overtired and a tad stressed about all that was going on. So when he got home from the salon (I guess it’s a salon, I think he goes to Super Cuts…) he could tell that I was just worn out so he offered to do dinner that night. It was so thoughtful and just what I needed. I asked him if going forward he would be willing to plan one night of the week for dinners so I just didn’t have to worry about it and he said he was more than willing. Also warning me that he doesn’t cook a large variety, but I personally think he underestimates himself a little.

So with his night being last night I was able to relax a little, and he handed me the ipad to pick what I wanted off a menu. I get zero say in his dinner night since he doesn’t pick apart what I plan so I looked on the menu. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted as I kept going back and forth between meatloaf, Asian style tuna and mustard chicken. I ended up getting the mustard chicken and was very happy with my choice.

We sat down in the living room to eat because the Sox were on and that is his favorite sports team, and I started wondering why the serving size was so huge! I got two pieces of chicken and a HUGE mound of mashed potatoes, then like a little handful of green beans. I’m sure a lot of people like this dish and eat all of it, but it just seems like it would feed two. So it will be feeding me twice, the only downside is I’ll have to find new vegetables as I ate all the green beans in a few bites.

After dinner I then went into the room and started to watch TV, about 20 minutes later I was out cold.

Happy Wednesday to all!

Have you noticed how huge portions are? 


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