Whoa was yesterday a busy day! I posted my blog and the next thing I knew it was time to go home. After a quick stop at Whole Foods for the weeks groceries I then headed home to make dinner. Last night was seared scallops with couscous and broccoli. These were perhaps the best ones I’ve made so far and I think the trick was to just let them be. I put them on high heat and turned them at the three minute mark, I didn’t move them or make sure they were cooking right, just trusted the time and let them go. The sear was perfect and they were perfectly done, with a little rareness on the inside the way I like them.

So last week I signed up for the Turkey Trot in Baldwinsville, NY that I have done for about four years in a row now. This year I actually want to train for it so it is a “no big deal run” not something that I have to grind out every mile and want to die by the end. So I downloaded a schedule to maintain but I’m also going to try and incorporate my strength that I have been doing because it really is changing my body. This week my schedule looks like this:

Monday – 3 mile run
Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 35 minute tempo run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Cross Train
Sunday – 4 mile run

So far I haven’t kept to the schedule but here is my plan

Monday – Body Pump and 1 mile run
Tuesday – Boot Camp
Wednesday – 4 mile run
Thursday – 4 mile run
Friday – Spin
Saturday – 3 mile run
Sunday – Rest

I will have gotten almost all the miles in by Saturday if I can keep to this schedule, I only put a three mile run though on Saturday morning because I have to be at the hair salon by 9:30 for Erin’s wedding day! I know my body will need some massive rest on Sunday too with the wedding and all the working out. Plus I will be going to the Patriots game so I won’t have time before or after the game since it will be so dark and I will probably be falling asleep right after the game!

I’ll update you on Tuesday with how my week went though.

Have you ever trained for something? How close to the schedule to you keep?
I have done over 40 half marathons so I am use to training for something, I try to keep to the schedule in terms of what the long run says and what the mileage per week says, but life happens and I cannot keep it day to day most times. 


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