It’s Working

I did not gain! I actually lost weight this week, which was a blessing because I busted my butt at the gym five of the past seven days, so to not see results would have been a little disheartening. The main thing though is that I stopped gaining. I’m no longer ticking up I have hit my highest and now I’m coming down. Some weeks I may stay the same, some I may lose and some I may have a slight gain, but I’m not getting back to that yucky (for me) number again. So what are some of the things that I did which I think made me successful (please keep in mind that I’m not a dietician, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not an expert in fitness. This is just what I THINK worked for me)

  • Was mindful of my water intake. I made sure I got at least six cups of water a day, and when I was at my desk thinking I was hungry I thought “perhaps I’m mistaking that for thirst” 
  • Ate lost of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. I didn’t go long periods without eating, including breakfast every morning. Yet when I was getting a tad hungry in between those meals I would have fruits or vegetables as a snack
  • Exercised with intention. I didn’t go to the gym and just go through the motions each day, I went with the purpose of making my body stronger. Some days were harder than others but I knew my end goal would be a more toned figure. Plus the harder you work the quicker you will see results. I cannot tell you  how excited I was when I felt my arm muscle for the first time

I’m sure other things like water retention, the time of month, the meal I had the night before, etc. etc. played into account but these are conscience actions I took to make myself feel better about myself.

Last night I also had a fantastic run once I warmed up I never dipped below 6mph often times running at 7mph. It was just one of those nights though when all cylinders were firing in alignment because that is not usual for me.

When I got home the boyfriend was just getting home as well, he was very hungry and didn’t want to wait for me to cook so he just mad a sandwich, which meant I was free to have my old favorite dinner!!

This time though I added a little broccoli as well as a few drops of the truffle oil. If you were wondering, yes I had put that stuff on every dinner since I got it on Monday night. Two drops pack such a flavor punch though!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday!


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