When I Grow Up

Before I get to the real meat of today’s post I have a small recipe to share with you. First question though, who improves on the domestic goddess Ms Martha Stewart’s recipes?! It would be this gal! I knew that I would be making an apple crisp because of all the apples the boyfriend and I picked this weekend with my mama, so I went to Martha’s webpage to look for recipes. I settled on this one yet something was missing, so I started browsing Pintrest to see if perhaps there were better recipes out there. Some of them seemed pretty great but I still liked the one I saw on Martha’s site, until I came across individual tartlets with apple rum filling. A light bulb went off, what would be better than some rum soaked apples in this?! So I used the last of the boyfriends rum which was about 1/4 a cup and took one TB of the lemon juice out of the recipe. The result was fantastic! I don’t even like cooked apples for dessert and I had a little bit of this. The boyfriend said I hit a home run with it even after he kept telling me his mom made the best apple crisp.

The rum I used

Shellback Silver Rum
Source Here

The end result

Now what I really wanted to talk about today. While listening to an old Jillian Michaels podcast (thank you Ashley!) she got a caller who was a 24 year old female concerned that she had tried every career and wasn’t happy where she was still. My first thought was how the he!! can you be 24 and have tried everything? What does she bounce from job to job every single week, how is this even possible. That was besides the point though, when I got done making fun of her in my head I then listened to what Jillian said. Her main point was “start to connect with your passion”. From an early age we are always asked “what do you want to be when you grow up” not “what do you love to do and what makes you happy”. In college we are expected at the age of 18 to pick a major and then pursue it making a career out of it. How can you possibly know what you want to do at the age of 18 though when you haven’t experienced anything yet?

I remember being in college and going for general management because I thought “I just want to be a boss, I want to be the manager of people and I want to be the boss”. Then I took a marketing class and realized “wow this stuff is really fun I think I want to do that. After marketing I took a finance class and realized how easy it came to me, so I also majored in that. I graduated with a triple degree in business, yet I still wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do. I stayed at a job for over 6 years trying to achieve happiness, but that ended up making me bitter so I left and went to a new company where I though “yes these people get it! They are smart they realize the value of education and they are going to let me do what I want”. Not that they aren’t letting me do what I want, I’ve been told many times how I can move into the job I thought I wanted, but one day when I was out in the field I realized how much I love interacting with people. How my day didn’t seem to drag on at all, it actually flew by as I kept visiting different accounts.

There wasn’t a set task I had to perform at a certain time. I didn’t need to create any boring PowerPoints, I just needed to interact with them. For awhile I thought I would love to be in the field, but the more I thought about it the more I didn’t want to deal with grownups acting like children and that is a large part of what our field has to deal with. I’ve always said that some day I’ll be a teacher, just not right now because I don’t have time to get certified or go get my doctorate. That some day use to be when I was getting close to retirement age, yet now the more I think about it the more that some day needs to be closer to my near future. Will anything change that drastically in the next few years, probably not, but I’m on the right path knowing what makes me happy and what doesn’t. Also realizing that it is a journey that takes discovery, it isn’t something you should just know when you are a certain age.

So instead of asking your children what they want to be when they grow up, perhaps start asking them what they love to do! Better yet, perhaps stop telling yourself what profession you should be and start asking yourself what makes you happy in life!

What makes you happy?


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