Day 1 of Grilling

I believe I mentioned this last week, but the theme of this week for dinner is grilling! As the weather gets colder outside the less we will be out grilling and the more we will be using the oven or crockpot to make our meals. So I planned the week out to have three nights of grilling, one night of oven and then our date night on Friday. Last night was burgers and they were delicious. I have to brag and say that my boyfriend can grill a pretty amazing burger, charred on the outside but tons of juices still flowing on the inside. I like them plain with just a cheese and a bun, that’s how you know it’s a good burger, when I don’t need to put anything on top of it.

Like my pumpkins in the back?!

As I mentioned in my weekend recap I got a ton of potatoes at the farmers market so last night I took a few handfuls and split them in half along with some okra and then put them in the oven while the burgers were cooking. Both were delicious when dipped in some ketchup! I got the idea for okra fries from Kathy of Katheats.com. She kept having them in place of french fries so I decided to give it a shot and really like them! Then again I think I would like anything crispy with ketchup.

One thing I do NOT like is this soda from Whole Foods.

Oh. My. Gross. All I can taste is the Stevia.

Lasty a treat from my moms basket this weekend pumpkin spice granola.

I followed this recipe here exactly minus the dried fruit, I really hate dried fruit. I think it could use a tad more pumpkin flavor but it is still really good and crunchy!

A treat I found at Whole Foods, I am beyond excited to try. I just wish I had a dropper as this stuff is powerful! Truffle mashed potatoes, truffle cheesy rice, truffle omelet…the list goes on!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!


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