Girls Night!!! There is nothing more in the whole world I love than girl time. I was practically giddy with excitement by the time I showed up the restaurant. If you remember back here, I was getting my hair trial done for my friend’s wedding, well my hairdresser who is very hip on everything (I feel like they all are though!) told me his favorite place to eat was a restaurant in the Liberty Hotel called Scampo. So I knew I had to try it with the ladies and was so excited to get a table last night as the place is normally booked pretty late.

We got there early and were actually able to sit down early which was a treat, the girls had gotten there a few minutes before me and had tried a Malbec at the bar that they really liked so we started off with a bottle of that. Then we saw a white truffle pizza as an appetizer, if you have been following me you know I’m obsessed with truffles so I was so excited to try that. While our appetizers were being put in they brought us a fava bean puree with some crispy bread sticks. This tasted exactly like pesto only light and not gritty or oily, which fresh pesto can tend to be.

The pizza then came out and was so good, it had a truffle flavor and smell but also a sweetness brought on by the addition of figs. The crust was very crunchy just coming out of the brick oven and the overall pizza was very light.

The star of the appetizers for me though was the Duck Fat Fried French Fries with Truffle Aioli. Oh. My. Heaven. This is perhaps the best fry I have ever eaten in my life, they were perfectly salted and had a wonderful drizzle of the aioli on top. I just wish they came with a tad more aioli, though I really didn’t need it. Luckily the waiter took them away at our request or I wouldn’t have been able to eat my dinner.

I hadn’t looked at the menu before so I had no clue what I was going to get. I had my fill of truffle in the appetizer round so I didn’t feel the need to stick with something that had truffle in it for my main course but I was really torn between a swordfish and a short rib. That was until the waiter told us the specials which was a pan seared char with lobster risotto, chantilly mushrooms and some green beans. Excuse me?! I knew I had to have that and Allie felt the exact same way. Mia on the other hand abhors all seafood so that dish sounded like the worst thing on the menu to her and she optioned for the short ribs.

Short Ribs

I’m so glad I got what I did, I ate every last bite on my plate besides the decorative tomato. The skin on the fish was so crispy it cracked when you bit into it, yet the inside was still so rare, and the lobster risotto was to die for. I was a tad nervous as I wasn’t ready to eat more lobster, yet low and behold this was so light on the flavor that I scarfed it down. The sauce on the fish and vegetables was very rich, it was like butter and cream and cheese all combined with a hint of white wine. I really enjoyed it and wish I had a bottle of it to use for a pasta dish.

By far the best part of this place was the waiter, he was so personable and so honest, we all really adored him. There was a display of puffed up pita breads and I asked him what they were used for. He informed me it was just for decoration though some people get them with butter on them when they come fresh out of the oven. He then stuck his finer through one to which my eyes lit up, he asked if I would like to try. UM WOULD I?!  I then spend a good 10 minutes poking little holes into this massive thing of bread while the girls ordered a dessert.

They opted for a caramel pot de crème dessert that was so light and so delicate I could have eaten the whole thing. It was a perfect balance between sweet and salty and was accompanied by some short bread cookies that had little coco nibs in them. The cookie was buttery and flaky while the caramel light and creamy, it really was a perfect finish to the meal.

Another fabulous girls night in the books.