The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club and Potty Mouth at the Table

As many of you know I adore Jen Lancaster and her books, plus the books that she recommends to her readers. So when two books by the same author showed up I immediately downloaded them for my trip to Maine this past August. I was so excited as Jen mentioned that  Laurie was the one who taught her that she could write about getting fall down drunk and sell a book about it. “The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club” and “Potty Mouth at the Table” both of which are easy reads. I’ll start with the first though.

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This book was written when Laurie was in her 20’s still going out to clubs and bars with friends and doing crazy things. It was sort of removed from the life I live now, but a very fun read and there were parts where I was cackling about some of her misfortunes. I know if I would have read this book 10 years ago I would be able to assimilate more to what she was writing about, but I just feel sort of out of that scene now. Reading an interview she did after her last book she does too, as I believe her quote was “mortifying”. I still really liked it and liked how the book had a natural flow to it. I “met” Jen Lancaster when she was already in a relationship, so to hear Laurie talk pre-relationship really made me realize how crazy I was at times before I started settling down.

I think my favorite thing about these books though is her ability to make fun of herself in a way that doesn’t berate who she is, just points out flaws and makes a joke about them. Like she is saying “yeah I realize it, and yeah I think it’s funny”

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The second book was more my speed, it was her newest release and much more pertainable to where I am in my life currently. I laughed so hard when she started talking about her hobby corner in her house where she has all her fabrics and crafting supplies. The other day while watching football with the boyfriend I exclaimed out loud “I wish I had a craft to do right now” this was after I was swearing around the kitchen making mason jars for the bachelorette party two weekends before. It’s true though, I think that crafting is starting to relax me and makes me use my imagination a little, which doesn’t happen AT ALL in my work life.

The biggest thing I can relate to Laurie on though is her “pet peeves” Now the litany of things that bother her don’t come close to what bothers me, but the fact that she has so many and has such adverse reactions to them makes me laugh so hard. I’m the same way though, if someone is breathing on me and it tickles the hairs on my neck I cannot take that, or tons of noise when someone eats, or bad table manners, clipping toenails, bad breath, hair in the bathroom that isn’t mine… ok I might have a lot too. The funny part to her book though is how she reacts to them, much more amusing than my internal cringe and gag.

I recommend her books as they are easy reads and very honest! I just saw she has one called “Autobiography of a Fat Bride” and I think I’ll choose that one to put on my list. I have a feeling very funny things will ensue!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a trip up to VT to see my mama and then girls time on Sunday I think.


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