Weight Loss Report Card

Weight Loss Report Card

Last month I decided that I was going to do a report card on my weight loss based off a post that Kathy did at Kateats.com, and see how I was checking in each month. I’m sad to say that as this month comes to a close I am still around the same weight I was at the end of August. I made some good choices and I made some horrible choices the past month but overall it is on my mind and that will eventually help. I started to instill a daily goal challenge which will help me make good choices throughout the day but not overwhelm me with weekly, monthly or yearly goals. Slow and steady always wins the race and I know if I put my mind to it I will get there.

August Weight Loss Report Card

Vegetable Intake | B-
I’ve been a lot better this month about trying to get vegetables into my diet. Almost every night I have them as a side and I have been eating a lot more salads than I did in the past. I want to continue to have salads as a main lunch item, but perhaps switch things up a little bit and do vegetable sandwiches or a protein with some cooked vegetables. It is starting to get to root vegetable season and I love that!
Fruit Intake | B+
Not sure it’s really changed, I know I claimed I was going to ramp this up but I really haven’t. Status quo is what really happened. I didn’t take any less out but I didn’t add any more. I tried to bring some for snacks at work, I think the main problem with a fruit snack is that it is so cold here so I always want something warmer. I think I’m going to start to make apple slices with caramel (I found a sugar free kind not real food but a good start to get me to eat them for snack) or with cinnamon sprinkled on it. Heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave and presto!
Portion Control | C
HA! If you consider eating a crap ton as portion control then yup I’m doing well. I fell off on this one, I don’t know why but every fall I get the urge to just eat until I cannot move. Perhaps I’m trying to hibernate but guess what body, it aint happening so I need to stop. The last two weeks while I plate my food and the boyfriends I try to do a 1/3 and 2/3 ratio. So I make two servings but he gets 2/3 of those two servings and I get one, unless it is vegetables and then it is the opposite. He is always good about stopping when he is full and then I can take his and use them as leftovers.
Mindless Bites | A
Hmmm, I haven’t really had any mindless bites while I’m cooking and I don’t just take a few here and a few there. When I do eat I make it a meal, sometimes I have more meals than I would like but I don’t do the bite here and taste here thing that I have been known for in the past. I know this will start to become harder as the weather cools down and there will be more family gatherings. That is normally where I will have a little here and a little more there and end up eating twice as much as I would if I just took some and was done with it.
Dessert Intake | B
I haven’t gotten a lot of desserts and the last girls night out I wasn’t even interested in it. I have left the ice cream in the freezer alone too. This stays at a B though because the past week I have been eating frosting that I got when the boyfriend and I went out for something sweet. I started by dipping animal crackers in it but have moved on to apples most of the time. I did slip a little and put it on a cookie the other night. I can’t say it wasn’t amazing but I didn’t need that! I think my motto with this will have to be “make it count” so don’t eat a crap dessert, eat something yummy and really satisfying. 

Alcohol Intake | C
With bachelorette parties and weekends to Maine, plus a new ap where I track my wine, this has gotten worse. At least I have started to drink Ultra which is very low points instead of full calorie beer, but it is still contributing to me not being able to lose as much weight as I would like. Plus on nights where I go out and drink more than normal I end those nights with food that I normally wouldn’t be eating. Cue half a pizza in Newport 🙂 I don’t imagine this to get much better as the season goes on but hopefully I can make smarter choices when choosing my drinks.
Take Out | B-
With weekly meal planning I have gotten a lot better with this. I think only a few times did we get takeout and that was when I was craving takeout, not when I had nothing to eat in the house. It’s saved us a lot of money and probably made us eat healthier. I think it has been almost two months since we have been to Chipolte and I think we only called our normal takout place once this month. Big strides here, hopefully we can keep that trend going.
Exercise Motivation | B+
I noticed that I said I was bummed that I wasn’t working out with my friend last month and it made me motivated to make “gym friends”. A few weeks ago I started to sign up for morning classes because I knew I could always make them if I just got my butt out of bed. I’m totally hooked, even when I dog tired I get there and get a big workout in before the work day and it gives me the extra energy in the am. I’ve also been early to work because of these and I just feel more productive during the day. There is are studies that show that it takes about a month to form a habit, which would be awesome if that were 100% true because then I would have two weeks left until I was a life time morning workout person. The other half that this doesn’t discuss is how long it takes to break a habit, which is a lot harder. Just look at a person who is trying to quit smoking. It is a lifetime struggle to stay away from it and one cigarette can cause relapses. The reason behind this is synaptic pathways in the brain that are formed by a continuous action. I overate and was lazy in my life a lot longer than I was fit and healthy, so those pathways are much deeper than the ones I’m trying to make. If I spent as much time being fit and healthy as I did fat and lazy than it wouldn’t be such a struggle, but that is going to take years to change these pathways. Baby steps though, if you don’t walk a path eventually it starts to grow in and go away.
Exercise Quality | B+
I’ve started to really mix it up, not only am I running still but I’m taking spin classes and strength classes to really give my workouts balance, and it is all about balance! I notice that when I want to give up I just say in my head, those who are stronger and more fit are willing to suffer a little longer. Not suffer through pain obviously, if it hurts modify, but suffer through the comfortableness of a long run or an extra tough spin class. My running mantra has been “the mind will give up a thousand times before the body will” and it is true. Giving good quality to the workouts I do are 80% mental, I just have to remember I have carved this time out for myself so I better use it wisely.
Exercise Quantity | A-
Still doing the same week day activities getting four or five days in, but the weekends are still a little bit of a struggle. I have done runs while on the bachelorette party or long bike rides while in Maine with the boyfriend. Also did long runs around the apartment when I stayed home for the weekends so this is getting much better. I would say that the number of times I work out really are improving and I should be proud of what I have done. 

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