Weekend Recap

What a simply awesome weekend I had. It started off Friday with a quick run after work where I killed my normal pace on the treadmill. I felt fantastic when I stepped off and realized that for next years Boilermaker I want to get an awesome time in the 5k. So technically not running the Boilermaker but feeling really good about the distance I do run. I then went home to have dinner with the boyfriend. We were going to do leftovers but the vegetable chowder just wasn’t appealing so we ordered out. We got Chinese food but I didn’t get horrible stuff like I normally do, I filled up on a huge thing of wonton soup and then had a few bites of noodles. It was very satisfying and made me feel good about my choices.

Saturday we were up around 7:30 and quickly showered before we headed out to Maine for the night. The boyfriend had stated that he wanted to ride bikes so I looked up a bike shop that had high reviews and we stopped in. It was called Cape-Able Bikes and is in Kennebunkport, ME, we were in and out within 10 minutes with perfect bikes for the day. The guy working even gave us a great map of places we should go and things we should see. Before 10:00 in the morning we were off.

Our first stop was a beach called Goose Rocks Beach, it isn’t well known and the roads to get there had hardly any cars on them. It was perfect!

After quickly stripping off our shoes we headed for a walk along the beach.

I think this was my favorite part of the day, the sand felt awesome and the temperature outside was simply perfect. We talked for the full 30 minutes we were walking and I felt like I got even closer to him than before, which seem silly as I spend all night with him when I get home from work but I think out of our element we were more focused on each other and not day to day routines. I was sad to see the walk come to an end but was sure starving for lunch and ready to get on the way. We will be back though!

Following the map we biked for a few miles until we reached a hole in the wall restaurant, the only way you would know about it is if you were planning to go there on purpose because it is off the beaten path. The Ramp was suggested to us by the guy at Cape Able bikes and it was such a great suggestion.

We saddled up to the bar and downed a few glasses of water and a beer then ordered food. I wanted seafood but nothing to do with lobster so I got the crab cakes, the boyfriend felt the same way and got fried clams. The food was delicious and the Boston sport decor was fun to look at while we waited. I would highly suggest this place to anyone who is in the area.

With full bellies we continued on with the bike ride and ended up returning them a little after 2:30. Tired and sweaty we piled into the car and headed to our hotel on Old Orchard Beach. I’ve been to Old Orchard once and it was when I was in 8th grade for a concert, I remember it a little differently, we were of course there in the off season but it really wasn’t our scene. With restaurants like this lining the streets, and arcades everywhere it wasn’t really our style but we made the best of it.

I did love the look to go on the beach, reminded me a lot of the cape!

Also loved the bags of candy we managed to find along the boardwalk. I have to admit that most of that is gone, I didn’t realize what a sweet tooth my boyfriend had! At least I know I can buy taffy and it won’t go to waste.

We had a good dinner, nothing to brag about and then went out to had some drinks. The first bar was pretty horrible so we headed back to the hotel to try a bar that was close to our place, worst case we would call it an early night. This place was really fun though with darts and fooseball and a jukebox. We had a blast and I even beat him in darts!

Sunday morning we were up pretty early as a train ran by our hotel, so we decided to check out and get back home to kitty. It was a great getaway though and I am so glad the he suggested it. I feel like we needed it both personally and as a couple.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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