Last Cheat Day

After an early spin class yesterday morning, which was a million times better than the one I took last Monday, I had tons of time before work started so I decided to head on over to Starbucks and get refils on my KCups as well as treat myself to a morning coffee. I was SO excited to see that the salted caramel latte was back in season, normally you only get it around Thanksgiving and Christmas so I jumped at the chance to get one. It was my last day of my cheat week before I started tracking again so it seemed like the perfect little treat. 
I wish that lucky feeling could have lasted until I got home, but unfortuneatley it didn’t and about halfway through the work day I was going to reach across my table and take out my coworker. I normally can ignore this guy as he doesn’t do much but sit there and clear his throat, but when he started to tell me that I was doing things wrong I almost lost it. Instead of getting an attitude or just starting a fight in the middle of the office I went on a walk. I just walked the grounds of my office but it cleared my head, it also made me miss my walks with my Ocean Spray peeps a lot. I love my new job and company but I miss having girlfriends in the office. The walk was beautiful though passing by reeds blowing in the wind and finding the cutest sign of fall. 

Refreshed I went back up and headed up some soup I made on Monday night. I followed this recipe but made a few alterations. The first being I didn’t use any onions, I don’t know why but onions and mayo which use to be some of my favorite flavors are just not appealing to me right now. I added more vegetables as well though, where she said only use one stalk of celery I used three, I also used more carrots. The main difference between my soup and hers though was that after everything was done I took an immersion blender to it. The result is less vegetable chowder taste and more loaded baked potato taste. I can imagine some crumbled bacon on this would be fantastic.  

I made it through the day though and went home to cook dinner. I was planning on making the maple dijon  chicken I made here but a little nervous because I said in the post I liked it but I really couldn’t remember anything about it. I also didn’t know if the boyfriend liked it and I had been getting such high compliments for the past two nights with dinner. I should have feared not though as I loved it and he ate everything on his plate, even going back for seconds on the vegetables! The potatoes were super easy as I just cut them up into chucks added a few pieces of cut up bacon and put in the oven the same time as the chicken.  

Sadly it is back to eating very healthy though because this past week with the bachelorette party I went nuts and then just said forget it for the rest of the week. It showed on the scale this morning too. It could have been worse though, I could have not also been working out so I know this is just a minor set back. 


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