Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

I love meals that are thrown together quickly yet taste great, last night was one of those meals. The boyfriend made tacos last Thursday so we had some leftover tortillas from dinner sitting in the fridge, I knew we wouldn’t be having tacos anytime soon again and those would just go to waste as neither one of us really makes wraps during the week. When planning dinner for the week I took that into account and decided to make quesadillas one night. Then slight inspiration hit me when I realized I had seen a pin on Pintrest for buffalo chicken quesadillas. I never pinned it but figured they couldn’t be that hard to execute, and I was right. I made this meal while vacuuming the apartment and emptying the dish washer. It was a home run too as he ate until he couldn’t even move, and his plate was spotless at the end.

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla
  • Four Chicken Thighs
  • Four Tortillas
  • One Bag of Shredded Cheese
  • Buffalo Sauce

Cut chicken into large chunks and place into a sauce pot, then completely cover with buffalo sauce so the chicken is fully coated and there is extra sauce in the pan, don’t down in though as you don’t want to have to drain it before you make the quesadilla. Turn onto medium low heat and simmer. During this time I vacuumed and then emptied the dish washer so I would say that this was simmering for probably a little over a half an hour. I checked every five minutes or so just giving it a stir and making sure nothing was drying up. You will know when the chicken is done though when you can take two forks and start to pull it apart shredding the chicken. At this point I had about a cup of leftover rice in the fridge that I threw in to use up the rice and give it a little more texture, this step isn’t needed though or you can use whatever you like (leftover vegetables or carbs or some fresh veggies as well). Spray a large skillet on medium high heat with Pam or put a little butter in to crisp up your tortilla and keep it from sticking, place one tortilla down and add half the cheese and half the pulled chicken mixture, place another tortilla on top and cook. Mine took about three minutes per side but keep a watchful eye on this as you don’t want to burn your tortilla in the process. Flip and cook the other side then plate cutting into triangles. Do this again with the other half of the mixture and the other two tortillas.  This should serve four, but if two of the boyfriends were eating it would have only served two last night!


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