Broiled Swordfish

Yesterday I was craving fish in the worst way. I had just spent the whole afternoon telling a friend to eat what their body was telling them to eat because sometimes you have a deficiency that you don’t know about and that’s your body’s way of getting the nutrients. Now if you are craving Doritos or Pop Tarts I cannot help you there! So after work I headed on over to Whole Foods to shop for the week and pick up some fish for dinner. I was also desperately trying to find cotton candy grapes that I have read about on two blogs now and that I talked about with the girls this weekend. I was SOL though, Whole Foods only had regular concord grapes.

When I arrived at the fish counter I still wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted, I knew it would be “swimy” fish though and not shell fish so that cut the cooler in half right away. The swordfish that was on display looked too good to pass up, so I got that. Bonus it was on sale too, good thing since the ginormous piece I got cost around $34, it is three servings though so a little over $11 a serving isn’t bad at all.

I also picked up some white asparagus and some small potatoes to go with dinner and then headed home. I knew I was going to make these potatoes as the boyfriend has requested them twice since I made them, and I knew I was going to broil the fish so I set out to make dinner. Normally I broil the fish on each side for about 4 minutes, I did that and let it sit and then when I cut into it to serve it was still very pink on the inside. I can do a little rare but cold was not ok, so I stuck it in for a little while longer, this mamajama fish was huge! Dinner came out fantastic though, I do not like white asparagus as much as green, but it was decent so it didn’t ruin anything.

Broiled Swordfish

  • Butter
  • Swordfish Steaks
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Parsley
  • Lemon
Turn on oven to broil, then take a pan and cover it in foil for easy clean up. Salt and pepper one side of the the swordfish steaks and put a small pat of butter underneath it when you place it on the pan. Salt and pepper the other side and put a pat of butter on the top of the steak along with some parsley flakes. Put fish in the broiler anywhere from 3 minutes per side to 6/7 minutes per side depending on the thickness. If it is less than an inch I would go for 3 minutes. Take fish out and rest for 5 minutes before serving, serve with a lemon wedge. 
Pretty easy and a great meal for a Monday night! 

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