Erin’s Weekend

Wow this morning at the gym I had a hard time keeping my eyes open even as we were lunging and lifting weights. The weekend really wore me out, but in a fantastic way and when I returned on Sunday I was recharged and refreshed and a completely rest person. I wanted to be around the boyfriend instead of in the bedroom and I was just at ease with everything.

It started out Friday when I left work early to get my bestie Kaelyn. She was at the airport and waiting for me since her flight got in a little earlier than I could leave. The second she got in the car it was nonstop talking for the whole ride down, which turned out to be a two and a half hour ride since there was a ton of traffic. That didn’t matter though because we had so much to catch up on the ride just flew by. We got to the house and quickly unloaded the car, which included stocking the fridge full of beer.

We then hung out and then quickly went to grab a bite to eat before we started games. We went to Tickets for dinner and it was a great stop to just grab a bite to eat, quick in and out with reasonably priced food. Once we got back home and the last of the girls arrived we went into the finished basement to play a game that was stolen from PBFingers.com. E’s fiancé was asked 25 questions and she had to guess how he answered them. For every one she got right the reader took a jello shot, for everyone she got wrong she took one. Halfway through other people started taking them for her though so she didn’t get too drunk.

Around 2:30 we were all tired so we headed off to bed to prepare for our big day on Saturday. I woke up around 9 and went upstairs to see who was awake, at the time only WHO was up and she was working on the deck, so I went out for a run. I was only planning on going three miles but when the first mile was up I decided I could push a little and do a four mile run, that’s only a half mile tagged on each way. Plus with a view like this how could you not?!

Then after all eight of us showered we headed over to Newport Winery for a tasting. It was a really cute place with a ton of wine themed gifts, they also offer tours but we weren’t really interested on how it was made, more how it tasted. I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the reds I tried, but the one white I had was fantastic.

Everyone got an extra glass to enjoy outside for awhile while we sat around and made a plan. The decision was to go to the Barking Crab and we had ten minutes to get ready. So we all went home quickly put on some pants and warmer clothes and headed back out. The food at the Barking Crab was fantastic. WHO and I shared some buffalo scallops,

I then had a lobster roll with butter no mayo. I’m really lobstered out from Maine though as I couldn’t even finish the meat in the roll. My friends around me had no trouble finishing the last few pieces though.

After dinner we walked down to the warf and got on a sunset cruise, which is the one activity that E wanted to do. It was absolutely beautiful and such a great way to start our evening.

Taken by Kelli Morse

Once the cruise was over we headed home and quickly changed before we went back down town to go out at the bars. I was so excited that my friend Allie was out so the first bar we went to she was at. She ended up staying with our group for the rest of the night with one of her friends.

We had a great group that was up for live bands and bars which I really liked since I’m not a club type person.

The night got crazy and we all started to fall off at different times, I left in the middle wave of girls and went and grabbed some pizza and a cab back home. After eating way more than I should of the pizza I went down to my room and passed out. Sadly the weekend ended too quickly as we got up, picked up and then headed back home.

It was such a good weekend though, I haven’t seen some of the girls in way too long. Even one who lives in western MA, I forgot how much I love to hang out with her. Most of these girls are really relaxed down to earth girls who are some of my best friends and I’m so happy I got to see them!


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