Just a quick drop in today to say TGIF!!!!!! Wahooooo. It couldn’t have come at a better time and I am so excited for a girls weekend and to see friends that I haven’t seen in years I could just scream. I’m picking up one of my best ones today at the airport and I cannot wait to hug the stuffings out of her!

I have zero pictures to share as yesterday was a quick day. I did get a run in and have a playlist that I found pretty great to carry me through the workout so I’ll share that!

A special shout out to my boyfriend, who is a great guy and is so supportive to me. He went to the store to get stuff for dinner because I had asked him to help me out Thursday so I could get everything ready for today, while at the store he got me everything I needed for food this weekend. I was touched when I saw that he actually knows what I like too with wholegrain breads and good bagels not a certain brand from the bread isle. I’ve been saying how much I cannot wait to get away for the weekend and I know it has been hurting his feelings, though it is true I do love him and will miss him and am so lucky I get to see him every day!

Ok enough sappy!



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