Yesterday was awesome!! Well work was blah and stressed me out a little…ok a lot, but after work I went to WICKED!  I have wanted to see that musical for a long time and one day driving home from western Mass I saw the billboard and exclaimed out loud “aww man, I want to see Wicked” to which the boyfriend responded “absolutely not, ask my mom she will go”. He was joking but little did he know I asked her four seconds later and she said she would love to. That was back in July and it seemed like ages until the show but it came quickly and last night I finally got to see it!

The day started out with a quick run and the gym and then off to work. Of course work, per usual lately, was stressful and busy. I packed my lunch, but was about to pull my hair out by the time lunch rolled around so my coworker said I should go with him to Whole Foods just to get out of the office. While I was there I saw a huge pastry counter with hundreds of small pastries on display. I’ve always wanted to try Macarons (see here for the difference between macarons and macaroons) so I got three to sample, and then a small piece of cheesecake because I can never pass up cheesecake! I’m happy to say I only ate one and have two others left today plus the cheesecake, how is that for control.

For lunch I brought in some leftover meatballs and pasta from dinner the night before. I was going to share the recipe with you but it isn’t my favorite meatballs I’ve ever made. I’m looking for a recipe that makes light, not calorie wise but texture, flavorful meatballs and these didn’t hit the mark. The boyfriend liked them a lot calling them little cheeseburgers but I wasn’t impressed. Let’s just say a skinny Italian food show star didn’t hit a home run with this one. They were still better than premade though and made for an enjoyable lunch.

I rushed home after work and then took off to the city for a fantastic show. I knew very little about the story line going in except that it explains why the Wicked Witch became the way she was. It was amazing, blew Chicago and Phantom out of the water, my all time favorite song was Defying Gravity and I was cheering when the song ended. There were times that I was laughing so hard during this too which I didn’t expect. I don’t’ want to give anything away about the story but I highly recommend seeing this!

On to another day, I swear if the bachelorette party wasn’t this weekend I would call in sick to work, take my little kitty and go hide at my mama’s house for a long weekend. I need a break and I need it NOW!


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