Chicken and Dumplings

Being healthy and eating real food isn’t easy at all, but sometimes it tastes so darn good! Yesterday was a prime example of this, I started off my morning with some toast that I put some vegetable cream cheese on and then topped with a few slices of avocado. If the avocado was a tad riper I wouldn’t have even needed the cream cheese. It was so delicious and really hit the spot after a morning workout.

Morning workout?! Yep you heard right, for the past week (yeah I know that means it has only been three days) I have been getting up early and going to the gym. Monday I did a spin class which I will never go to again. Not that I don’t like spinning, I love spinning, but I did not like this instructors style or music and that makes all the difference in the class. Tuesday I did a boot camp workout and loved it. They made you partner up and most people had come with someone or knew someone so I felt like it was gym class all over again and we were picking for teams, luckily there was another girl who didn’t have one either so we buddied up. This morning I wanted to do a spin class but it was full (good sign that this class is a good one!) so I just did a 3 mile run. I have felt awesome by the end of these workouts and the best part is when work is done I can just go home and start dinner and hang out. Not rush to the gym and rush home and eat at 8/9 at night.

So Monday night I made chicken and dumplings because there was a little nip in the air and nothing says comfort food like a chicken soup. I personally think this turned out great, the boyfriend wasn’t a huge fan of it so I’ll make it again since the recipe was so easy but just eat it for lunches or something. I followed a recipe but made some modifications.

Chicken and Dumplings 

Recipe Here


  • I used two potatoes instead of one. Next time I’ll just use one but I was trying to make it more friendly for the bf
  • 3 carrots instead of two
  • No onion
  • 2 ribs of celery
  • No poultry seasoning
  • Couldn’t find a small box of Jiffy Biscuit mix so I used 1.5 cups of Bisquick
  • Added a cup of corn
  • Put the peas in when the rest of the vegetables went in. I don’t like the taste of peas but in soups that can cook out. Adding them at the end will retain the taste if you like them. 

The rest I followed the instructions listed. The big thing I was questioning was “is the chicken raw or already cooked” because it didn’t seem like it was a long time to cook it. I did it raw and the chicken was thoroughly cooked through by the time this was done.


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