Last week was a hard week to say the very least! I felt like I was underwater half the week and trying to break the surface at work and it carried over to home where I would just get home and be blah. In the past I would just get home sit on the couch and either read or watch TV then go to bed, but that isn’t an option anymore as I have a boyfriend/roommate who I cannot shut out. I made it through though and I think the main reason was the date night I had on Thursday. The second they came up and gave me a hug it was like I had life breathed into me again and though Friday still needed to occur before I had two days off I knew I could do it after being with them.

The day started off with perhaps my favorite breakfast of the week, toast with vegetable cream cheese and cucumbers on top. A very easy way to sneak some extra vegetables in a meal that I normally wouldn’t have vegetables. They tasted so good though I was bummed when I ate the last of the cucumbers the boyfriends mom had given us.

After a struggle through work I headed over to Coppa to meet the girls. Tip, do not show up without reservations or else you will be eating at a bar and our seats happened to be by the kitchen. About 20 minutes into the night I asked the girls “is anyone else a little hot” as I had just taken and pulled back my hair and was sitting on my napkin to soak up the leg sweat. They both started laughing and said that they were, I was glad I wasn’t going nuts!! The waitress was fantastic and suggested a wonderful bottle of red blended wine for us to start off the evening.

Mia also showed me a really cool app called Vivino which lets you scan the wine and then record how much you like it. This is going to be so helpful as I always have good bottles out but can never remember how much I liked them or the names (unless they end up on the blog of course)

We then ordered a cheese platter which came out with some candied walnuts, honey and sweet raisins. The cheese was actually a very large portion and I loved every single one of them. They all were soft to semi soft which is my favorite.

Then we got a side of meatballs. I am not a fan of just sliced meat but LOVE meatballs so when the girls agreed to get those instead of a meat plate I was excited. These did not disappoint either. They were so delicious it was amazing. They melted in your mouth and the sauce was spot on. The pairing with the cheese plate really hit home and it made for probably one of my favorite first courses.

Mia and I then split a dinner getting a pizza that was half sausage and half arugula. I liked the arugula side better but both turned out wonderfully. Very thin crust  that snapped when you bit into it. I am a huge fan of that, I do not like picking up my pizza and having it fall over with soggy crust. The dough was so good that the crust doubled as bread sticks.

The other plate was a orecchiette with chicken sausage and broccoli, though it came out with no broccoli which was a tad disappointing. The dish was still tasty with the perfect amount of salt to hold up to the red wine we were drinking and we ate all of it.

Allie got the Carbonara but it tasted nothing like a carbonara in our opinion. It also featured sea urchin and huge slices of caramelized onions which I am not a fan of at all so after a quick taste of the sauce I was glad I didn’t get her dish! She didn’t mind it though, but said the name should be changed because it was misleading.

For dessert we got some gelato but I was only able to eat a spoonful before I was too full. I think the slow pace of dinner gave my stomach time to realize it was stuffed unlike some other meals we have had. I liked both the honey and the chocolate gelato though and thought the combination of the two was delicious.

Date night was exactly what I needed to get me through and I am forever grateful I have girlfriends that I can call on Tuesday and go out with on Thursday.


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