Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

It is officially fall, I cannot believe summer is done! I feel like it was just yesterday where I was going to Home Depot to buy flowers and get ready for the summer. I blame having plans every weekend as the reason why the summer just blew by but I’m alright with that, I’m ready for the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves. To celebrate the end of summer I went to NH with the boyfriend and got one last weekend in doing summer type activities up there.
Friday afternoon started off with lunch at Whole Foods with a fantastic wrap! It had goat cheese, cucumbers and turkey in it with a spicy salsa verde on top. I will probably omit the salsa next time as it took away from the goat cheese flavor, but it was still very good.

After work I headed on up to NH and the second I got there we went out to dinner. It was a place called The Shannon Door and I actually really liked it. I guess it isn’t known for great food or something, but I thought it was good and was pleased with  my cheeseburger. My favorite part though was the stamp they put in the boyfriends beer.
At dinner the boyfriends cousin suggested we hike Tuckerman’s Ravine the next day, so around 9:00 the boyfriend and I were up and went out to get some breakfast. Normally I would feel guilty eating a breakfast sandwich on the weekends that wasn’t homemade but I knew I would be burning off some extra calories that day so I got one at the store.
We also picked up some Doritos, the boyfriend wanted them for breakfast and I didn’t really care since I wasn’t going for healthy at that point. We tried one of the new flavors, buffalo chicken wing, and boy was it disgusting. It tasted like fish to me so I won’t be having those again.
Once breakfast was finished we took a 10 minute drive to the Ravine and went on a three hour hike. We were all pouring sweat going up and coming down and I felt fantastic after! It was so beautiful up there and the doggy we took along did great as well.

Famished was an understatement when I got back from the hike, I was so hungry I didn’t even change out of my sweaty clothes, the boyfriend and I just dropped the dog off and went to the local bar for food. Matty B’s is the name of the bar and it serves perhaps the best turkey sandwich I’ve ever had. I adore this thing and don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of it. It has fresh turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic aoli, and is in between toasted multigrain bread. Hands down my favorite turkey sandwich! Once my stomach was full I went back and showered and then took a nap for about an hour. I was so beat though that when the boyfriend woke me up for dinner I almost told him to go without me. I’m sure glad I didn’t though as we went to a place his friend owns called McGrath’sTavern and it is perhaps some of the best food I’ve had. I didn’t manage to snap a picture because I was half awake but the roasted vegetable ravioli in vodka sauce was phenomenal. I asked the boyfriend why we haven’t been there before the food was just a ten.
The next day I went to find shoes for E’s wedding. After about 5 minutes I had found the pair. So comfortable and silver just like she asked!
For the rest of the day I just kind of sat around while the boyfriend was out with his cousin. I wasn’t miserable or unhappy, but it really wasn’t my idea of a good time for my long weekend. I had a great day before so I wouldn’t trade that, but I started wishing that I would have gone to my hometown instead and he could have gone to NH. Luckily I talked to my mom and we are setting up a weekend for me to come home for the day, I’ll probably go see the dad too and make it a family weekend. After I got off the phone with her I felt better, but still kinda blah about the whole day. I know the boyfriend was trying to cheer me up and we went out to dinner and bonded over blah food and gross drinks, as well as the local grocery store after.
Penguins having a picnic
It had everything there and we got a huge peanut butter cup that had maple bacon in it. We brought it back to the house and everyone tried a piece, we all agreed it just tasted like a maple peanut butter cup, as no one could taste even the slightest hint of bacon.
Monday we were going to stick around but when it started raining too much we headed on home….and got stuck in about an hour and a half of traffic. Luckily I had Dunkin pumpkin coffee and a snack I picked up the night before to tide me over!
When we got home I ran out to get stuff to make a beef stew. It turned out fantastic and I’ll have the recipe to you in another post! It was the perfect meal to start the fall season.

I’m glad I was in NH for the weekend with the boyfriend, though part of me wishes I went home instead, I had a good weekend overall and still love that place. One little man who was very happy his mama was home was this guy. I got some massive loving for the rest of the night as he was being a complete ham! 


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