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Weekend Recap

What a weekend! Friday was crazy town as I was scrambling to get a basket ready to bring to my mama for her birthday (belated but I hate shipping things so she had to wait a little!) and then going out to the mall with the boyfriend and then Chipolte. Oh Chipolte, how I love and hate you. I hadn’t had it in awhile and my stomach did NOT like it this past time. Let’s just say it won’t be a place I eat at again anytime soon.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head out to VT to apple pick and see my mama. The ride up was so gorgeous and I couldn’t stop saying things like “oh that’s so pretty” or “wow look at the trees”.

I’m truly in love with fall, the smell and warm days that have cool nights. I’m going to start to harass the boyfriend to do fires again as I would love to snuggle under a blanket with a glass of wine and a fire! We got to VT and immediately headed out to the Farmers Market to see what we could find for lunch and possibly get some mums. I didn’t find anything I liked for food, but did get a huge five pound bag of fingerling potatoes and some beats to roast this week for dinner. My mom bought some mums but the more I was thinking about it the less I wanted them as I hardly see my flowers now, so buying more to just sit out back seemed a little silly. After the farmers market was over we met up with my brother and his girlfriend and headed out to pick some apples. It was a beautiful day and the boyfriend and I got plenty of apples to eat and make a crisp out of. There was one branch that was just loaded with apples!

Also picked this dead one off the tree only to find a cute little lady bug inside.

While waiting in line to pay I was looking at the decorative corn, it is so pretty but I don’t really have any need for it since our front door doesn’t belong to us, so I wouldn’t want to hang it on there.

Heading back to the house we took the scenic way.

That lead us to a covered bridge

Which we drove through!

Back at the house my brother and his girlfriend decided to go for a hike. My boyfriend and I didn’t have any hiking clothes as we didn’t know we would be doing that, but we were promised it was just a quick walk up a dirt road. So we agreed and went with them. The top was this beautiful pond, which was so pristine!

Of course they wanted to walk around the pond though, about half way around with the boyfriend and I sweating and really uncomfortable we decided to turn around. He made the comment “is this what going to see the inlaws is going to be like?!” I couldn’t help but laugh, he was such a good sport the whole day.

We got home late Saturday night and unpacked our stuff from the day. Kitty was very curious about the new gourd decoration on the table!

Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn it felt like to go and spin in Brighton. I loved the spin instructor and wanted to spend some time with WHO, sadly WHO didn’t make the class but it was still as fantastic as I remember. I then went to Masa with Mia and got some brunch. The host was kind of a pompus but the rest of the service was fantastic! It started with cornbread that was so sweet and moist I had trouble just eating one piece.

Then I got the eggs benedict which was phenomenal. I ate everything but the ketchup and the onions on my plate.

After I quickly got my car cleaned and then went home. Not long after I was sound asleep on the couch for a two hour afternoon nap. I was so tired and had such an awful headache though that it was much needed. The boyfriend was awesome and did some chores while I slept. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep but as 11 rolled around I was out again.

What a wonderful weekend I had, I just wish I had an extra day but don’t we all!