I Don’t Waste Food

Yesterday was another busy day! I have been pretty busy at work these last few weeks and I don’t really see any end in sight until December. The only upside though is that it makes the day go buy really quickly. Breakfast was a roll I got on Friday at Whole Foods with some hummus, I’m really loving those flavor combinations, the fact that it keeps me full until lunch and the calorie count!

For lunch I had a salad and I wish I took a picture of it because it had leftover mashed potatoes, chicken and then salad from dinners last week. My co worker sat down and asked me what I was eating, when I explained to him that it was salad plus a ton of leftovers he looked a little like I was a tad crazy. When I explained to him that I didn’t like to waste any food and I grew up with that kind of mentality he didn’t think it was so nuts. I think with two kids he was semi wishing they had that mentality too!

After work I quickly swung over to the gym for a run. My workout mix was all over the place! I put it here for you as it made me run just a tad faster and I felt really good about myself after! The O.A.R. song is actually a 10 minute song so it can normally get me through a mile of a run, which it did this time.

I then quickly swung by the Whole Foods to get dinner for the next three nights. I cannot tell you how much I love that place though, everything is so fresh and dinner turned out to be amazing. I cooked mussels again using this recipe, only I added some more wine to it and a little heat (or so I thought) with a pepper from the boyfriends mom’s garden. Turns out I could have done two or three peppers as it wasn’t in the slightest spicy and I was trying to clear the boyfriends sinuses.

Either way dinner was great! I’m in a debate on what to have tonight…either pesto chicken with pasta or pork chops with roasted potatoes. We shall see what hits me when I get home!

Have a great Tuesday! 

1 thought on “I Don’t Waste Food”

  1. Oh your photos make me miss the mountains! What a great weekend 🙂 Seriously – the color of those Doritos along is enough to cause concern. And pumpkin coffee!! I grabbed an iced pumpkin coffee at starbucks this weekend – knocked me on my butt with the amount of sugar. One pump next time, one pump – but I am bouncing for joy that pumpkin season is here! Perhaps we should attempt a new recipe together? Not the cake from last year – that was WAY too sweet… but I like baking with you 😉 Can't wait to see you next week!


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