Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend! Let me back up to Friday day though before I get too ahead of myself! It started with breakfast where I brought in my hummus so I didn’t eat it all at home and had it on some toast. It was so good and pretty low in calories and points so I was pleased. It felt like a good foot to start off my weekend on.

Lunch on Friday was amazing, Whole Foods recently opened up next to work so my coworkers and I all swung over and got food before a meeting. I attacked the salad bar and had such a fresh and delicious salad. I was filled to the brim by the time I finished it too and didn’t even need the roll I bought to go along with it. It had everything from a fried plantain to a quinoa burger in it. I wanted to try everything that way I knew what I would like next time and what I could pass on.

I coupled lunch with a drink by Kevita, which is a probiotic drink I found while checking out. It was pretty decent but had a slight salty taste to it. I would drink it again but perhaps go with a different flavor. The fake Mojito flavor wasn’t my favorite.

To snack up I went to the bins there and got some chocolate covered almonds with dried blueberries and coconut. It was so good and I ate most of it the rest of the day, I did manage to save some and bring it home so the boyfriend could have some. He also was a fan, which makes me laugh because he always claims he hates chocolate but has been eating brownies and chocolate covered stuff.

Friday night the boyfriend and I got dressed up and met Erin and her fiancé out for restaurant week. We went to Umbria Prime for the three course meal. We got there a little early so we had a drink at the bar first, it wasn’t bad but it was nothing to write home about, then we were sat at our table. We started off with the boyfriend picking a wine that was just ok in my book, others seemed to enjoy it though so I didn’t complain. For starters I got a wild mushroom polenta which I didn’t take a picture of. It was decent, I was expecting the polenta to have a little stiffness, but this was around the consistency of very creamy grits. Luckily dinner was a homerun in my book. It was a sausage and gouda risotto with shaved radicchio on top. So good!!

The second bottle of wine the table got was also fantastic, so the meal ended on a high note, I was too full to eat dessert though so I brought that home to enjoy sometime (I’m shocked I haven’t dug into it yet!) On the way home I tried to snap a picture of the lights that lit up downtown as it was beautiful, but the boyfriend was pretending he was in the Italian job so the picture came out a tad blurry!

Saturday morning started off with a trip to spin class with WHO and coffee after where we were able to chat. Though we had just seen each other a few nights before we didn’t really have the girl time we normally do since the guys were there so it was nice. My stomach started to grumble though so after awhile we packed up and headed our separate ways. I went home and made an egg and threw it on a piece of toast with cheese. It was a perfect protein bomb to start my day.

The little man found a new box and was having a ball sitting in it. Sadly we had to recycle it yesterday as the cat can only has so many things in the apartment before he over runs in.

After breakfast we got dressed in our swimsuits and headed over to his mom and step dads house to relax by the pool for the day. It was a perfect afternoon, though I got cold so quickly so the pool time was limited. The best part was the vegetables from their garden they sent us home with.

I wish I had made something that night with them, but instead we went out to a crappy restaurant and the food made us both feel blah. Lesson learned!

Sunday morning I got up and went to the store to get stuff for breakfast. The boyfriend wasn’t feeling well so I figured I would take care of him. When I got back the little man was being a ham again and wiping his paws on the front mat. I just left the door open and let him wander around the hall since the neighbors are never home.

After I made the boyfriend a big breakfast I made myself some toast with sunbutter and honey on top. It was very good, the sunbutter needs the honey though as it is just a tad too salty by itself.

I was inspired by the fresh vegetables so I decided to make a fruit salad as well. I gave myself poor ranks on the report card in getting in fruits and vegetables, so having tons that are easy to access I believe is going to be the key to get me to consume them.

Once breakfast was cleaned up we got in the car and headed to the beach. I was having a great time reading my book and having a beer, but the boyfriend wasn’t. He thought it smelled gross, the bugs were biting him and he was overall not comfortable. So we left after about an hour and half.

I’m not going to lie I was a little bummed as it was probably the last beach day I was going to have this year but I know he would have done the same for me.

The weekend ended on a good note though when we built a fire and ate dinner outside. We ended up staying outside a lot longer than I imagined, when after dinner he went in and got us glasses of wine. It was a very relaxing end to a pretty good stay at home weekend.

Do you prefer to go away or stay at home for the weekend?
I’m a mix. I love going away but I always feel like I don’t have time to get things done when I get home and then have to go to work. 


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