Weight Loss Report Card

On a mission to finally make something happen the past two weeks the scale has been in my favor and started to tick down. At first I attributed it to going to the gym and running but then while reading one of my favorite blogs (katheats.com) I saw she does a weight loss report card and thought it was a good idea to take an overall look at what I do. I added a few things on here but overall it follows what she did. It was a good look at little changes (eating more vegetables) that I can make to perhaps kick this journey along even further. So once a month now at the end of the month I’ll look back and see what has happened and see how I have improved from the month before!

August Weight Loss Report Card

Vegetable Intake | C+
Sadly I haven’t been as good at this as I have been in the past. I’m not going to blame all the problems I have here on relationships but I think this one is the largest thing. Before I would just eat a bag of greens with some dressing on them for dinner, now I feel like I need to make full meals for the both of us. I am slowly learning that he doesn’t care if we have salads some nights for dinner, or if I eat something that is different from him. Our plates don’t have to be uniform.
Fruit Intake | B+
That is something that hasn’t gone away and I could even kick up more. I eat fruit a lot but not as much as I could. Dessert doesn’t need to be ice cream it could be a bowl of frozen melon cubes or even a smoothie. I have been a little lazy on this aspect but not as bad as the vegetables. I should go back to tracking how many I get in a day to make sure.
Portion Control | C+
I’m starting to get better at this again and have broken out the measuring cups and spoons, but I was pretty bad for awhile. When we first started dating I would eat until I couldn’t’ move and had to lay down on his (now our!) floor or I would just eat like I wasn’t going to ever be able to taste that certain food again. Now I make my plate and that is it. No extra and no stuffing myself. Katheats.com had a perfect quote when she said waste or waist. It is ok not to eat everything if you are satisfied, there is a great chance you will be able to eat that food again.
Mindless Bites | A
I’ve been really good on this so I’m going to give myself the highest grade here. There are chips and cookies and poptarts galore in the pantry but for the most part I leave them alone. If they are out and I’m having a meal I might take one or two or a handful here or there, but I don’t go seeking them out and I don’t take any from the boyfriend while he is eating. I think this is just ingrained from the first time I lost a ton of weight on weight watchers, everything counts so don’t waste it on a taste there or a bite here if you don’t want the full thing. They all add up so I just don’t really do it anymore.
Dessert Intake | B
I think it really depends on what is in the house. Right now we have homemade brownies from WHO and I know I will be eating those, and when I go out with my girls I always get dessert but overall I’m pretty good. There is ice cream in the freezer now and I haven’t really gone for it, before I would make a bowl with a lot of whip cream, now if I’m dying for something sweet I’ll have a spoonful and be done. I would give myself an A if I didn’t go out to dinner so much, I love dessert when I go out for girls night!
Alcohol Intake | B-
I would give myself an A here if I was comparing to other people I hang out with but this is about me and what I do. I don’t drink a lot by any means and I am perhaps a huge light weight when it comes to drinking so I’m never going all in and drinking a ton each  night, but I do find myself craving a glass of red wine or a cold beer now and again. Plus lately I’ve been on a vodka kick, which would be fine if I didn’t mix it with sugary juices. I think it is time I have some good red wine in the house so I can stop making cocktails with vodka and that will help.
Take Out | C-
This has been a major issue, I’ve been lazy about preparing us meals and have resorted to the standard “lets just call XXXX” or “let’s just pick up food at XXX” you fill in the blanks with your go-tos and you know what I mean. I use to eat sushi which is a lot better for you but the boyfriend doesn’t like it so I haven’t had it in ages. Again I need to remember that we don’t need to to eat the same things all the time, so perhaps on the next night we don’t want to cook he gets stuff from one place and I get it from the other. It won’t make the world stop and will probably make me feel better about my choices in the long run.
Exercise Motivation | B
Motivation is the key word here. I’ve been making myself go but I haven’t been very motivated, in fact I’ve been down right blah about it. I think that has a lot to do with the fact I cannot run outside anymore and running on the treadmill is BORING as well as the fact that I was sick for two weeks and it really took a lot out of me. I’m slowly getting back to the point where it is becoming more a part of my day, even last night when I missed the gym to hang out with my friends I was a little bummed.
Exercise Quality | B-
If you count the stairmaster and the treadmill as good quality then sure I guess, but I haven’t been switching it up or taking any classes and I haven’t been really pushing myself like I have done in the past. I started lifting and then got busy and stopped, I think I just need the motivation factor to kick back in and then I will get there. I am doing a spin class with WHO tomorrow am to kick off my weekend so I am on the right track and making the right choices.
Exercise Quantity | A-
Ok I know most of my weight loss has come from this. I’m pretty good about getting out there at least 5 times a week and doing something. I had a talk with the boyfriend awhile back and he pointed out that I’m always at the gym compared to a lot of people and I need to be easier on myself when I think negative thoughts about me not working out. No I’m not training for an Iron Man but I’m working up a sweat most days and most days not phoning it in. This could be an A if I just get a little more weekend workout time in.


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