Easy Meals

Lately meals have been all about saving time. I have been going to the gym a lot at night and that makes it hard to make an elaborate meal when I get home because the boyfriend is starving and wants to eat pronto. I was in a small rut as to what dinner should be, going to usual favorites like cheeseburgers or something else on the grill but then I saw WHO post a blog about a meal I had introduced her to awhile back. Low country boil was introduced to me one night when I was hanging out with a friend, he use to go to school down south and this was something they did frequently. There are many different things that you can put into this but he showed me his way and I have stuck to it ever since.

Low Country Boil
  • Proteins for enough people (for two people I did 10 shrimp, 10 clams and 2 hot sausages but the options are really endless) 
  • Potatoes for enough people (I used two large handfuls of fingerling potatoes for the two of us)
  • Vegetables for enough people (this is traditionally done with corn on the cob but you can use almost any vegetable, I’ve used broccoli, mushrooms, and squash and it all comes out fine)
  • Old Bay Seasoning I normally use two tablespoons per large pot but again it is all to taste
As you can see this recipe is very forgiving, you can pretty much make it how you want, traditionally it has shrimp, potatoes and corn but I like to throw in some sausage and some extra proteins as well as more vegetables. It is so easy to make too, bring a large pot of water with Old Bay spice to boil, then throw in the potatoes and any protein that will take awhile to cook. This time I did the potatoes and the sausage for 10 minutes then threw in the corn, shrimp and clams for five. Total cook time was 15 minutes and dinner was done. In breaking tradition I served this in two bowls and then had a large bowl for shells and corn cobs, normally it is thrown on newspaper with a large bowl for the shells and cobs, but I didn’t want to go out and get some newspaper nor did I want to clean the counter after. It also isn’t served with any sort of sauce but I like to dip, so I used the cucumber sauce I’m obsessed with and the boyfriend used some melted butter. It was an easy dinner that we both enjoyed. 
This was another easy dinner for me, as the boyfriend made his pizza again perhaps not so easy for him, but for sure easy for me when all I have to do is come home and eat! This time I dipped my crust in some garlic hummus. I saw the boyfriend had gotten pretzel rods at the store so when I went on Tuesday to shop for the week I got a tub of hummus to dip the rods in. So far I’ve managed not to eat it all in one sitting, but gosh do I love hummus! 
My “Happy” cup is also my favorite glass to drink out of and now is here from Brighton! 
Everything this week in terms of food has been easy, including the breakfasts which have been yogurt with some honey and the homemade granola on top 
As well as coffee out of my favorite mug my mama got me. 
Tonight is date night with WHO and her husband and I’m very excited for her to see my new living space! 
What do you do for easy meals? 
I know a lot of people who cook everything on Sunday’s for the week, but I’m more about having it freshly made so I’m not a huge fan. I’ll do crock pots in the winter and grilling in the summer for easier meals. 

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