Boyfriend memories

Good Bye Brighton

What a weekend! I cannot even believe that it is Monday already. I feel like my weekend just flew by in seconds. Friday night I started out by going over to my apartment and sorting through all the stuff I wanted to pack and all the stuff that could be thrown away. Last time the boyfriend and I went over he was a packing maniac and I didn’t see half of the items he actually packed. So before he came over on Saturday I wanted to have a good handle on it. Also wanted to bring a load over so perhaps we could get everything done in two loads or less. When I finally got back I was beat so I watched a movie with the boyfriend and ate some leftovers.

Saturday morning came and I was up and ready to get back over to the apartment and get the move over with. After a quick stop at Dunkin we were on our way. Everything went well and we were all done in less than three hours. Overall it was a pretty painless move. My dad came and picked up my couch and chair since we wouldn’t be needing that in the new apartment. Apparently his dog Gracie has taken to it already!

After quickly unpacking and putting everything I didn’t need in the basement I went over to get my toes done at the salon I love and then went to dinner with the boyfriend and his friends. We went to The Butcher Shop which I had been to before on a date night and I think everyone really loved their food. I was able to sample the meat and it really was fantastic. We then went on to get a few more drinks before calling it a night. I couldn’t believe when I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 2 in the morning when we got home. That hasn’t happened for a long time for me!

Sunday was championship day for softball, the best day out of the season by far! I’ll spoiler alert and let you know we won, but I’ll do a one off recap when the pictures are posted. I only have one from the day which is this…

 Now a sappy ode to Brighton and my old apartment. I lived there since the fall of 2005, for two years in one half of the building and for 6 years in the other half of the building. I dealt with snow storms that I couldn’t find parking in so I had to park over two miles away, I dealt with my car getting towed because I forgot it was spring cleaning and I dealt with taxi cab rides from downtown which were around $40. I loved this apartment, it was the only spot my kitten Beckham lived and it was where I first brought my new boy Tucker home. It was home in every sense of the word, yet something was missing and I found that piece this year. I’ll miss being able to go out my front door and having the best streets to run on, being able to walk to get sushi/pizza/beers/Chipolte and being on public transportation. I’ll miss my neighbors who were awesome and I became friends with and I’ll miss the trees looking out my window changing with the seasons. I won’t miss that stupid galley kitchen that I couldn’t cook in without putting something over the sink for space and I won’t miss the BC college kids screaming on week nights while I’m trying to sleep or the awful traffic getting to the apartment, the pitfall of not living near any highway.

It was a good apartment and it kept me safe and sound for many years I’ll miss you 1940 and you will always hold a place in my heart!

My awful galley kitchen. It didn’t have a full size fridge, almost zero counter space and no hood on the stove so all my boxes on top of the cabinets were covered in grease. Don’t worry the dad is watching the plants until I get a house with window sills again!

The bathroom was not that bad. It had tons of hooks and bars for towels and when I had everything up it was 100% pink. I hated how the window sill always got gross because it had mold in it and no amount of scrubbing or bleach was going to make those tiles clean.

My bedroom. This place I loved. The sunlight was perfect coming in the windows, not too bright in the morning and not too dark when dusk started to fall. It had tons of room and I loved to spend lazy mornings lying in bed. Those days are gone though as the boyfriend loves to get up nice and early and start the day. I’m getting better, but I still sometimes miss sleeping in.

This is my bedroom door. My mama always sends me cards and she puts these little stickers on them, I don’t know if she ever knew or not but I would take them off and keep them on my door. Some of them even made it over from the old apartment. I would group them as well, as you can see chicks and sheep were the favorite.

My hallway looking down to the bedroom. Sorry cleaning people but we left the desk… it was huge and a pain to move and know you will come in with a crew to take it away. It was a Walmart purchase 8 years ago and totally not worth moving. I loved this hall though, it made it so the bedroom didn’t seem on top of the living room and the kittens loved to run up and down it. Great for games of fetch!

The living room was my favorite room. I painted it Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware and had white couches and black wood tables to match. It was so peaceful and the room I hung out in the most both solo and with my friends. I carved pumpkins in this living room, I had parties in this living room and I sat on the couch for dinner every night in this living room (every night I was home for dinner that is). I have ordered Chinese food and woken up on the couch in this living room with it still on me after long nights. I loved this room and will miss it the most. One day when I have a house I feel another Silver Sage living room in my blood.

Jabronie a bear I have had for over 13 years. He didn’t make this move with me but has made every move from Farilee, Miami, Northeastern and two after college apartments. I got teared up when I dropped him off and almost kept him when the guy at Good Will said that they don’t accept teddy bears, but then said his granddaughter would love him, so I let him go. He got tons of hugs through breakups and when I was lonely at college and I hope he makes some little girl very happy!

Closing the door on a big chapter in my life. 27% of my life I lived here, my first apartment I paid for myself, and the place where I established who I really was as a person. It saw a boyfriend come and go, my first job and my first job change, 8 awesome Christmas trees, weight loss and weight gains, a death and a brand new kitten, me devastated and me elated, it heard me wish out loud when no one was around and quickly met the love of my life before he swept me away. I’m both scared and excited on this next chapter and what it will bring.

Have you ever moved in with someone you are dating? How did it go?
The move was perfect, yet late Saturday night fueled with a tad too much to drink I lost it and was sitting in the shower crying. I know I made the right move though as the boyfriend came in and sat there with my and then picked me up telling me it was ok to be scared but he was so happy I was with him and would never hurt me always putting me first. I am pretty #$%^ing lucky! 


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