Sweet and Sour Chicken

Yesterday I was starving for most of the day, I think my cold is finally starting to recede and it is making me so hungry kicking the last of it out. After my morning coffee I had a Starbucks yogurt parfait. I found these a week ago when I was on my way to Cliff Island. The boyfriend and I stopped at Starbucks to get some caffeine and breakfast and I didn’t really feel like starting my vacation off with a pastry. So I grabbed a yogurt from the cooler. The combination of the crunchy granola and the sweet fruit really hit the spot and I’ve gotten three since. Last night though I finally made my own homemade one so look for that tomorrow.

The almonds are Blue Diamond Habanera BBQ flavored and they really pack a kick. I liked them a lot and they are such a filling snack. The spice was a shock at first but after I got use to it I was lucky I only poured one portion and put them away or half of the family sized bag would have been gone I think.

For lunch I had a Healthy Choice soup. It was pretty good but I ended up putting a lot of hot sauce in it. The spice felt good clearing me out and it was pretty reminiscent of my Ocean Spray days when I would eat a lot of soup with extra vegetables added and hot sauce.

Source Here

I didn’t want to go to the gym after work because I had a ton to do at home, but I knew I would feel a thousand times better so I made myself swing by and do a quick three mile run. It was not a fun run to say the least, but I managed to get it done and get a good sweat worked up. With a run behind me and a quick stop at the grocery store for the week I was finally home and able to get cooking. I knew for the week I needed granola, pasta sauce and cucumber sauce as well as dinner that night. I was able to do all but the cucumber sauce which will have to wait until tonight. The granola and the pasta sauce recipe will be in tomorrow’s post so look for those as they are both home runs in my  book!

Awhile back I saw a thing on Pintrest for Sweet and Sour chicken. After I pinned it my cousin actually commented that she and her husband eat it all the time so I knew it was a proven recipe. Getting home last night I thought I could quickly whip it up and continue on with my cooking bonanza. This isn’t a recipe that is that quick though as it takes awhile to cook and you also have to coat and precook the chicken. The result after I followed the recipe was slightly dry chicken and overcooked sauce. I think the author liked her chicken slightly dry, because this could have been pulled 20 minutes before. That being said the sauce is great and it was on the right track, I think next time I’ll only cook it for 30-40 minutes and we will see how it comes out.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Recipe Here. 

Have you ever had to remake a recipe that others have said they loved? 
Yep plenty of times, though I’m not super picky I do not like certain things (i.e. nuts in brownies or cookies) so I always make them to taste. 


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