Yesterday was the first Monday working in the new office. About six months ago the office went under construction to make the new open concept and last week while I was on vacation everyone had moved over. 

So far it isn’t that bad, I realized that my headphones block out my neighbors pretty well and it really makes you more focused when everyone is watching what you are doing. I think I’ll get a lot more done, but the one thing I miss is reading all the blogs in the morning. I read them now on my phone throughout the day, but I feel like I’ve lost touch with friends. 
I also don’t like that since I’m sick everyone can hear me coughing and blowing my nose. I’m already self conscience about that when I had an office, now people can actually see me. Makes this whole being sick thing a tad worse. After work I went to the gym and swam for 30 minutes to get in a good workout as well as start to clear out what is in my lungs. Water always makes me feel better, whether it is swimming or in the shower it just calms me down. After the swim and a shower I sat in the sauna until my ear finally popped. I think it just needed to be dried out, but the feeling was fantastic! 
The boyfriend mentioned he wanted salads for dinner and at first I didn’t think I wanted that but after the gym a huge salad sounded delicious so we went and got Not Your Average Joes salads again. I adore their cob salad and the creamy basil dressing on the side, they give you so much that you have enough for two other salads later on that week. I didn’t even take time to snap the photo because I just plowed through the food when we got home. I did manage to take a picture of my new flowers out back. They are mums from Erin’s shower and they look perfect in the bucket we had lying around. I absolutely adore them but they make me get excited for the fall.
 Tonight I’ll be back in the kitchen so hopefully I will have a little more robust post for you guys tomorrow. Luckily I have a book review from awhile ago waiting in the wings for days like today!

By: Dan Brown

It’s Dan Brown so of course I’m going to read it. A history lesson, an art lesson, and an Italian literature lesson wrapped into one, Inferno delivers a much better story than his previous book “The Lost Symbol”. Though nothing will ever be “The Da Vinci Code” it feels as if Dan Brown is starting to write his books for Hollywood to turn into movies. Set in amazing locations, lots of chase scenes on motor bikes, cars, expensive Bentley’s, and of course the female character who falls for him this book was almost like reading a script. It uses the same character as Da Vinci Code, Robert Langdon, and follows the same sort of plot where he has to figure out the mystery using symbols in art, famous buildings and old literature.

I liked this book, it was a fast read with characters who were minimally developed but easy to like. It seemed as if he was in a rush to end the book, as the whole story goes on and goes into great detail and then the end sort of flies all together in a mad dash. The weak characters and the movie script quality aside this book did two things for me which all other books I have reviewed on this site have not: It made we want to read a classic book that should have been on a high school list, so I downloaded The Divine Comedy originally by Dante Alighieri and it made me think about the world population.

Sometimes material that I read takes me on another tangent and that is what happen in this book. With The Tao of Martha it was more superficial though fun, with this book I was looking up the world population and the exponential growth we have experienced in the last 100 years due to populations multiplying and the advancement of medicine. The graph of population growth is actually staggering when you look at it

Source Here

The issue is twofold, first if every person reproduces (meaning a couple has two kids, one for the male and one for the female) overpopulation will occur and the Earth won’t be able to maintain the ecosystem it currently has. Second the natural resources we will require to sustain the population won’t be available such as clean water, energy, and food. A very simple example is when the power goes out in the summer because too many people are running their ACs and fans so the gird cannot support the amount of electricity needed to sustain each families needs. In this example it is just a reboot of the grid and everything is back to normal. In the case of needing food and clean water it isn’t that simple. The good news is since about the early 90’s the fertility rates have started to decline. This is due to a number of factors including better education, female social roles, medical advancements in contraception and the cost to support children. Gone are the days where families would have 8 children, now days to support 8 children until they were 18 would cost around $3.2 million, and that means you aren’t paying for any college. If you plan on sending them all to college it would cost you around $4.4 million (Source Here

The thought is still scary though and the fact that a fiction book got me this interested in something socioeconomic says a lot. So hats off to Dan Brown for a decent book but more for getting me to want to read Dante Alighieri and for opening my eyes to an issue I wasn’t fully aware of before. 

Do you ever start to think about world problems and get so overwhelmed you stop thinking about them? 
I do, yet I feel like this is the irresponsible thing to do. I think the correct way to look at issues that seem to broad to solve would be to ask the question, what can I do to help? 

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