Weekend Recaps

Erin’s Bridal Shower!

Erin is getting married, Erin is getting married!! I couldn’t be more excited or happier for her and her fiancé Brian. Erin and I have been sorority sisters since 2003 and since then have become really close friends. I even call her parents mom and dad (they are part of my boilermaker family) and went to her sister’s wedding, so to say this is like a sister getting married would be accurate. This weekend was her shower in Utica and it was so beautiful. Her mom and sister did such a good job planning it out!

Friday started with a very long drive to Utica. Normally it only takes a little over four hours to get there, but the past two times when leaving after work it takes around 6. Lesson learned is travel during off hours and if I can’t get the day off, just leave early the next morning. It is too stressful and starts the trip off on a bad note! I didn’t get in until after 11:30, so after a quick chat with everyone we were all off to bed.

Saturday morning WHO and I went for a run to try and kick it off on a good foot, the weather was absolutely perfect and we had a great chat while running. I always love talking with her and love that she runs at my speed. When we got back to the house operation get ready for the shower was underway with people painting their nails, blow-dryers going and ironing boards in the living room. Very controlled chaos though and by 10:30 we were all out the door.

The shower was held at The Phoenician Restaurant in New Hartford, NY. Everything was perfect, the food, the cake, the space and the games we played. Her mom kept the party going with raffling off gift baskets all the bridesmaids had made and then reading advice cards that we all wrote when we got there. It made it so the focus wasn’t 100% on Erin when she was opening her presents and kept everyone engaged. All the bridesmaids made great baskets too, I wish I could have played as there were a few that I wanted!

After the shower we all headed back to her house to hang out by the pool and play lawn games. Sadly I came down with a horrible cold on Thursday and was dead so I went and took a nap so I could be ready to go out that night with everyone. When I came outside though everyone was still hanging out and I got to see people for awhile. Once family members left we started to get ready for bachelorette party number one! Her colors are purple so we tried to keep everything themed in purple. She got a tiara, tank top and lei all to wear that night and we were all wearing purple tank tops her sister made. I loved mine and will for sure wear it again! We also picked up some purple glow bracelets to wear and then headed out for some fun.

Purple eyelashes for the bride

I wasn’t allowed to get her face as “her makeup wasn’t done yet”

I think she had a good time as she was still sleeping when I left Sunday morning at 9.

After I got home I called out of softball for the night because my cold had just gotten the better of me. I spent the day outside on the Adirondack chairs reading my Martha Stewart magazine, drinking hot tea and downing cough drops. I then came inside and laid on the boyfriends lap while we watched TV. I felt like a truck had hit me and couldn’t even stay awake when he turned on catfish.

It was a great weekend though and I’m glad I got to see everyone. One more month until bachelorette party number 2 in Newport, RI!

What do you do when you are sick?
I take every medicine under the sun, my old coworker called it my cold cocktail. Sadly I cannot find one element of it right now so it is a little lacking and my ear hasn’t popped. 


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