Cliff Island

I don’t think there are any words to describe my vacation besides magical. It was absolutely amazing. I spent the whole time with the boyfriend and not once did I ever think “I wish I just have five minutes to myself”. When I used to go to the island I would lay around and read all day after a run in the morning, this time I was running with him in the morning, taking walks in the afternoon and playing rounds of badminton. If we got too hot we would just go down to the dock and jump in the ocean. One day we even went clamming, though I guess it wasn’t a good beach to do it at as we only found five the size of nickels, but we had a good time together and that is all that mattered. When we were pulling away from the dock on Wednesday afternoon I actually teared up because I didn’t want to leave the magical island and the fantastic vacation. I think the best part was my family absolutely adored him, my father even pulled me aside to tell me what a good guy he thought he was, which just makes me so proud and feel so lucky. It was a vacation I’ll never forget, and one I wish I was back on.

Sadly the first day back at work I got sick and am now battling a sore throat and cold, which hopefully will go away in time for the bridal shower this weekend!

Here are a handful of pictures from the vacation, I could have taken a lot more, but I was too busy having a fantastic time.

The house we stayed in and the house I have been staying in since I can remember along with the badminton net that held our daily (sometimes a few times a day) best out of three tournaments. I didn’t win one tournament but did win two games.

This was one of the first hills we would run up every morning. When I did one loop by myself at my own pace it wasn’t that bad, when I was keeping up with the boyfriend it was a big butt buster!

The island was filled with cattails, according to the boyfriend if you are ever stranded they make great firewood and food.

One of the many beautiful views. The air is as fresh and crisp as it looks in this picture too. We were blessed with perfect weather.

Entering the beach you have to duck under this, easy for me but a pain for the boyfriend. We spent a lot of time here just sitting and reading, walking the beach and of course our clamming mission

This is one part of the beach looking back onto the houses. I can remember growing up and playing with the tide pools that formed on that huge rock in the center. Also looking forward through the sea grass where small fish and crabs swam around.

Goats that one of the year round residences keeps. We actually saw a Quail and a Heron here as well, apparently the marshes around the house make it a prime spot for a lot of animals.

Looking at the back side of the island with all the houses and the fishing boats tied up, you couldn’t design a post card better. The yellow house is where we got our lobster every night as my grandparents are good friends with the couple that lives there.

The wildflowers on this island are phenomenal and could rival some of the flowers I saw in Montreal. So vibrant and extremely fragrant. My favorite are sea roses though

A one room schoolhouse, one of the last ones in New England. It services K-5, after 5th grade the students have to ride the ferry into Portland in the morning and take it home at night. Makes for a long day!

Hehehe I saw a few of these, pretty apparent what they didn’t want!

Griffins Cove, where we did most of the swimming. Jumping off the dock was done down at the wharf but if you wanted to actually swim you came over here. I found the water much colder here though than at the dock.

Looking off the dock at the wharf.

The only road that goes along the island, every turn you make it is named a different thing though. The flagpole that separates all the roads.

The wharf with the only store in the back.

A larger picture of the store.

Saying goodbye to the grandparents and the cousin with his new fiancé

A look at the front side of the island

Hope Island across from Cliff Island

A panorama of me at the beach

Lastly a beautiful split between Long Island.

Until next year.

If ever you’ve lived on an island
if ever you’ve lived by the sea;
You’ll never return to the mainland
once your spirit has been set free.

If ever you’ve smelled the ocean
or tasted the salt in the air;
You’ll know you’ve discovered a haven
that is uncommon, precious and rare.

If ever you’ve seen the whales play
or watched the eagles in flight;
You’ll remember, again, why you live here
and why it feels so right.

If ever you’ve seen the sunset
as the ferry passed the shore;
You’ve seen the beauty of the island
that will be with you forever more.

If ever you’ve heard the seagulls
the waves, a foghorn, the winds;
Then you’ve heard the song of the island
and the peaceful message it sends.

Indeed, if you live on an island
if you’re lucky to live be the sea;
You’ll never return to the mainland
as your spirit has been set free.


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