Happy Friday friends!! I’m so glad the week is over and I am going on vacation next week. It is long overdue for a nice relaxing vacation. I know I just went to Montreal with my girlfriends but that wasn’t really relaxing since we were out doing things the whole time we were there (which is perfect since what a waste to go to a new city and just sit around!) but in Maine I do nothing but read, sit on the beach, run and eat/drink. It’s fantastic and always flies by way too quick. The thing I love most about this island we go to is the phone reception is spotty at best and there is zero wifi, so it is 100% a break from everything. I’m also really excited to bring the boyfriend out there. I have never brought someone here, not even a girlfriend or my best friends, it is a spot I grew up going to and have returned to every summer. To say it is magical is a little corny, but it really makes me a different person when I’m there.

Back to yesterday though, I had leftover mushrooms from dinner the night before so I threw a piece of bread and an egg into it and called it breakfast. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before because I use to use mushrooms to bulk up everything, but this was a fantastic way to make my breakfast seem huge but have not a ton of calories added on.

For lunch I ate in my office so I’m finally able to show you guys what I order, or use to order, when I eat lunch at work. I say use to because for the rest of the day my stomach was off and I didn’t feel well.

It’s a tuna wrap with nothing in it and then chips or sometimes pasta salad on the side. The chips are REALLY good here so they are a tad deadly. I had to take half of them and put them on the other side of the box so I didn’t eat them all mindlessly. I think there is just something about mayonnaise though lately that is turning my stomach, even the sight of the jar makes me a tad nauseous. Hopefully that will pass when I am eating lobster sandwiches this week!

What did make me feel well was wearing my “everyday crown”

After work I headed over to see Kashmira   before vacation. She is so fantastic and I came out feeling so much better! Then I headed over to my apartment to pick up a few items because (here is the announcement…)I’M MOVING!!! Yep the boyfriend and I are going to be trying to live together, which seems sort of funny since I haven’t slept in my apartment since May, but it is a huge step for me and I’m excited and nervous.  Then when we got home we ordered food from perhaps my favorite delivery place of all times (besides sushi) Alfredo’s . Their buffalo chicken tenders are perhaps some of my favorite foods. I didn’t manage to snap a picture for dinner as we were catching up from our days but next time I will!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’ll talk to you all on Thursday of next week since I won’t have internet!


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