Girls Night

I sure wasn’t going to forget my breakfast yesterday! After being hungry for the first half of Tuesday I made sure to make a breakfast that was going to fill me up and satisfy me, that was my usual eggs. I quickly cooked one up and then put it on top of some bread the boyfriend had gotten awhile back then added a chuck of mozzarella cheese in there from the calzone leftovers. It was a fantastic breakfast that filled me up until lunch and fully satisfied me!

Lunch was just lettuce and some leftover pork as I didn’t have tons of time to throw anything special together plus I knew I would be having a large dinner because it was another girls night. I know I’ve mentioned it before but we are cheese fanatics, so we always pick places based off their reviews of their cheese plates.  Marliave, in my opinion was by far the best. Last night we went to Gaslight in the South End of Boston. It had gotten really good reviews and I was excited to try it out. I think I was more excited though to spend some time with the ladies.

I showed up for dinner 15 minutes late, traffic was horrible and I had a meeting that ran late, so the girls had already ordered a glass of wine at the bar. We always go for a smoother less sweet wine like Malbec but they were out so they tried a Syrah wine. I wasn’t a huge fan so our very helpful waitress brought over samples of two others for us to try and the winner turned out to be a Beaujolais. Then of course we ordered the cheese plate where we got two goat cheeses and another soft one I cannot remember the name of.

When our cheese plate showed up we were also given a fresh baguette and some butter which after taking the photo I couldn’t help but trying.

I wasn’t blown away by the cheese dish, it was good but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. What I did love was putting a little butter on the bread and spreading the fruit compote they had on the cheese plate on top. When it came time to order dinner everything there sounded fantastic and we couldn’t decide so our waitress helped us all out. She was really patient and so knowledgeable, if I had to pick the best thing about the experience it would be her, I even wrote this morning to management telling what a great job she did.

Allie, true to what she normally likes, got the scallops with a corn puree, mushrooms and pancetta. She said it was very good and finished everything.

Mia was torn between three different things all very different but the waitress convinced her to try the gnocchi with beef cheeks. I was actually really excited that she got this because I wanted to try beef cheeks. I’m glad I did too because these are perhaps the most tender cut of beef I’ve ever had, they basically just melted in the mouth.

I was torn between a mussels dish, a ravioli and a cod dish. The waitress convinced me that the flavor combination in the cod dish was a winner so I went with it and boy was she right. Despite the handful of parsley they threw on top this dish was fantastic. It had mussels, oysters, chorizo and americain sauce. The americain sauce is a red creamy sauce that tasted like seafood, tomatoes, butter and garlic. This was phenomenal! There were so many flavor combinations going on and I ate almost all of it.

I also ordered a side of mushrooms, because I never get those since the boyfriend hates them so I get them every time I got out with the ladies.

After dinner we were all pretty full but decided we should still get dessert so we ordered:

Creme Brulee

Molten Chocolate Cake

and Chocolate Beignets

I wasn’t a huge fan of the beignets and only ate a half of one, the brulee was good but the molten cake was out of this world. It was so rich and warm and I couldn’t stop eating it. Yet with my new mindset I knew I had to, so after I took a large piece of it I said in my head “this is the last thing you are eating you are full and done”

This was a big moment and I was so proud of myself for being able to do that. Though the cake was great, feeling good about what I just did was even better. When I came out to go to my car I saw that he had a made a little buddy in a different color.

It don’t matta if you’re black or white! 

Another fabulous girls night was in the books, sadly I won’t see them for two weeks as I’m gone to Maine next week and then off for the weekend in Utica for my friends bridal shower.

I can’t believe it’s August!


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