Another Monday In The Books

Oh Monday how I despise you (unless you are a long weekend of course and I don’t have to work) but nothing gets my day started like some Starbucks. This morning I kept it simple though and just got coffee, unlike most mornings where I’ll have some sort of specialty coffee.

 Sunday night I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t shake this throbbing headache I had until I realized that when driving home the boyfriend didn’t stop for us to get breakfast, see he will only stop at Dunkin Donuts and they all had lines, so by the time we made it home it was lunch time and I wasn’t thinking about coffee. I was fine for all of softball and even into eating dinner, but a little after dinner this headache that spanned the whole head came on. Lesson learned for right now!

Work was pretty uneventful, I brought in my lunch again which made me feel good about my eating choices, also is a great way to clean out the fridge and I didn’t snack on the free food in the kitchen. Dinner was also good as the boyfriend made a buffalo chicken calzone and even though I could have ate half of it since it was so good I only had three small portions and then filled up with salad.

The only small bummer to my day was when I got home and realized I didn’t feel safe running outside. Recently there have been girls kidnapped in a safer area than where I live in the daytime, so the thought of going out with headphones in didn’t really appeal to me and definitely didn’t appeal to the boyfriend as he said I could go run loops around the park (which would be beyond boring!) but that was about it. So instead I cleaned the apartment again like I use to do every Monday. Instead of taking me 2 hours to do with the boyfriends help this only took me 45 minutes to do, there really is something about maintence in cleaning that is much easier!

4 more days until Maine!

Do you run outside your house?
I use to when I lived in Brighton, but now that I am in Chelsea I don’t. I can’t wait until I can do this again. 


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