Weekend Recap

What a fantastic weekend! It was 100% what I needed and I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed and so happy. They boyfriend kept making the comment that he wished we had a few extra days because we were having such a good time! It started off with a long drive up to his Aunt and Uncles place in NH, when we got there it was empty, so for the night we had the place to ourselves. We made drinks and watched a little TV but after 10:30 I was beat and just wanted to go to sleep, by 11 I was passed out. When I awoke the next morning it was 9:00, the boyfriend had let me sleep in! I cannot tell you how much this extra sleep helped my mood. Knowing that he wanted to get the day going though I quickly got dressed and we went out in search of breakfast. He took me to a place called Bagel Plus that had just switched ownership earlier that month, and it was fantastic! They had bagel shuffle board and bagel checkers

Then when my bagel came out it was perfect! It had the chewy consistency that homemade bagels have and was the right size, unlike some places that just make them so huge. I chose the jalapeno and cheddar bagel with chive cream cheese. I also got a coffee that was fantastic as well and was so content when breakfast was over.

We then went on a quick hike, the whole thing only took us an hour from when we left the car to when we got back, but the views were great and it felt good to work up an early morning sweat.

After the hike we needed to cool off so we threw on our swimsuits and headed on over to Diana’s Bath’s  but we weren’t the only ones who had that idea.

Both sides of the road, the parking lot was filled too

Though it was fun it was just too crowded so we took off to head to the river to just relax. On the way out though I realized I was starving for lunch, so we stopped at a general store and got sandwiches. Though my sandwich was decent the people there making the food were NOT friendly so I’m not going to mention the name. It was what I needed to keep going though!

We then hit the river and for awhile it was just the boy and I along with his aunt and uncle who had showed up that afternoon. We took turns diving off rocks in deep swim holes and laid on the rocks to warm up (me more than others since I get cold really easily). It started to get crowded though so we all left and headed back home.

perks of being the passenger

Earlier that day I had asked the boy if for date night we could go mini golfing. He humored me and we went, though I don’t think he wanted to at first I think at the end of it he had a good time. Especially since he won.

Though it isn’t a challenging course as I think this was the hardest hole

It was a good time and I had fun doing something different. We then headed off to dinner at The Cider House. I forgot my phone in the car and was told by the boyfriend that I had taken enough pictures that day so there was no going back to get it. Dinner started off with homemade chips with different toppings on them as well as a cidertini which was perhaps one of the best drinks I’ve had in awhile! The chips were good but after a few they were just too greasy for me to eat, so I had a slice of the bread they brought out. For dinner I got scallops which were cooked perfectly and the boyfriend got a pork dish that I wasn’t a huge fan of. He liked the potato hash part a lot though and was satisfied. The desserts looked so good too, but I was so stuffed after dinner that I couldn’t eat another bite.

I was so happy that night when we went to bed, it was really a perfect day and was exactly what I needed to reboot. Sunday I got to sleep in again! We then loaded up the car and headed back so I could make my softball game. I had an awesome time hanging out with my friends for awhile but then started to get hungry. In the past I would just get ok food from the bar but I knew that it was bad for me so I went home and the boyfriend was awesome and agreed to have salads. We got them from Not Your Average Joes and they were so filling and delicious. They came with so much dressing too that I’ll be able to dress my salads for the rest of the week with it. Then we watched some TV quickly before I wanted to go to sleep, Kitty watched us from the box. With the flash it looks like he has laser eyes!

5 more days until I go to Maine!!


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