Long Time No Talk!

Well hello there! Long time no talk! My last posts on Wednesday were a little down in the dumps, I wasn’t having a good day at all so Thursday I just took a break from blogging and decided to regroup but Friday I was in a meeting all day and couldn’t blog. So I feel off leaving on such a bad note! I’ll recap the two days quickly and then jump into the awesome weekend I had in the next post.

Wednesday afternoon they ordered food for us, sadly they were sandwiches that I wasn’t really fond of, yet in the past I would take two because I have always ate a whole sandwich. Not this time! I just took half a few chips and tracked everything. I was satisfied when I was finished not stuffed and not hungry anymore. Although it wasn’t a healthy meal I felt good about my choices.

That night I went to the nail salon and had my nails done. I needed something to boost my spirits a little and getting my nails or toes done always makes me feel a little better. I then went to Market Basket in the same plaza and got stuff for dinner. I saw on PBFingers.com that she had make pork with brown rice and vegetables for dinner and had enough left over for lunch so I thought I would try that as well. The boyfriend grilled the pork and I made a ton of vegetables and then brown rice that tasted like Chipolte Brown Rice! Super easy too, all you need is Gourmet Garden Garlic and Gourmet Garden Cilantro and presto!

Chipolte Brown Rice
  • 1TB Gourmet Garden Garlic
  • 1TB Gourmet Garden Cilantro
  • 1 Cup Uncooked Brown Rice

Bring two and a half cups of salted water two a boil. Add all ingredients and simmer rice for 45 minutes covered. Fluff rice at finish. Just a tip though, you can’t use instant rice it has to be the slow cook kind, if you have instant then follow the cook instructions for water and time that are on the box.

This meal was so great and I had enough for two lunches! I also brought in some overnight oats made with sunbutter and topped with strawberries for breakfast. 
Thursday night I went home and didn’t feel like cooking anything. When the boyfriend said he wanted to go get sandwiches I didn’t feel like having those since I had them on Wednesday in the office and it wasn’t the way I felt I would fill up using the points I had left. So while he went to get one I made a dinner I would make before we were dating when I wanted protein but didn’t feel like eating meat. I laughed after because we were both eating pre-dating meals. I missed couscous and eggs! 
Friday was a packed work day but instead of a bagel for breakfast I ate the fruit that someone had brought in
Then on the way up to NH later on that night instead of eating tons of chips I ate a peach as well! Small changes that are making me feel better about myself!  
Have you ever just been down in the dumps about yourself? What did you do to turn it around?
I’m lucky to have a very supportive family, friends and boyfriend who are there for me and help me pick myself up. 

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