Screw It I Blew It, or dusting myself off and moving on

My pants don’t fit. I woke up this morning and went to put on a pair of pants and they didn’t fit. I had just worn these two weeks ago, but yet here we are and they don’t fit. Could I have squeezed into them and gotten them to button, yes, but I would have been uncomfortable all day and that really isn’t fitting into them. It doesn’t help that I have a very supportive boyfriend who thinks I look amazing and tells me often. Do I tell him not to tell me? No I don’t think that would be the answer, and he also probably wouldn’t listen to me. Do I diet? No I hate dieting and I don’t like feeling limited. Instead I keep on the path of small changes.  I went to the gym yesterday and did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then did an A circuit workout, but I went home and didn’t eat as healthy as I could have.

Dinner was fine, we went to the same pizza place we had our first date at. He claims it wasn’t our first date but I think it was as I was so nervous and only ate two slices. I was starving when I got home later that night but I was just so jumpy around him at that point!

Look how beautiful the sky is!

Getting takeout here is so weird, because you literally go in and pick up the pizza in the pizza kitchen. So I’m standing there with the boyfriend and two guys are cleaning and making pizza around me. We get home and I make a huge salad to go with the pizza. I would have been fine with just one piece and the salad but apparently yesterday was the day of overeating. The sad part is, I don’t even really like this pizza, I mentioned that next time I would rather not go there. They do have the perfect crust but I hate the cheese and the sauce so it makes it just a blah pizza. WHO EATS THREE PIECES OF BLAH PIZZA?!

I also decided to finish off the ice cream I had in the freezer plus a few Oreos. So all the hard work I had put in at the gym was taken away plus extra added on with one meal. Listening to my body and knowing when I am satisfied has always been a hard thing for me but it is something I need to learn how to do. I will be able to do this and I have done this before, I just need to remember just because the boyfriend thinks I look amazing doesn’t give me the right or the excuse to slack off. I already stay away from all the chips he has in the house, I can start to make the small changes that will in turn add up to one big change.

Deep breath, and move on!

What have you done to change the way you eat?


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