The Tao of Martha

Yesterday sure was a Monday! I was tired for most of the day, even the Starbucks that I drank in the am didn’t help. I was also finding it so hard to focus yesterday and I think that is due to just how worn out I was. When the work day was finally over I knew that there was no way I would be able to go to the gym and then clean the apartment like I wanted to, so I skipped the gym and went straight home. 

After our little ant fiasco this weekend I wanted to clean the apartment spotless, so I told the boyfriend that instead of working out that is what I would be doing. I was shocked when he said that he would help out too! I didn’t even have to ask him to help he just offered to clean the bathroom (my LEAST favorite thing to clean) and I did the rest of the apartment. We got home around 6:30 and by 8:30 the place was sparkling, he even took initiative and cleaned the ceiling fans. The place looks fantastic now and I’m so much more relaxed, I slept like a baby last night in the fresh sheets and clean bedroom. Unfortuneatley since I was cleaning and had a blah Monday there was really nothing interesting to take pictures of or blog, so my go-to is a book review. Warning about this book, I’m obsessed with this author, perhaps more obsessed than she is of herself. I wasn’t paid to write this nor was I asked to do a great review, I genuinely take pleasure out of reading her stuff and loved this book!

Tao of martha cover
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The Tao of Martha
By: Jen Lancaster
Oh my gosh she is back!! I feel like I have missed my best friend and she just came waltzing back into my life. When I first read Bitter Is The New Black by Jen I was instantly smitten with this lady who didn’t give a $#%^ what other people thought about her because she knew she was awesome and that’s all that mattered. After reading her books I always find myself a little more confident in who I am and a little more of a “you don’t like me well then go screw” type of attitude I wish I could carry more often. I started this book on Tuesday night while the boyfriend was in the living room watching Mad Men and I was in the bedroom with Tucker starting the book. I’ll set the scene for you: 
5 Minutes in: “Ash everything ok in there?” Me, “Yeah sorry just funny”
7 Minutes in: “Jesus giggles what the hell is so funny?!” 
10 Minutes in: “You going to be ok in there Ash?” Me (barley able to breathe) “Yeah sorry listen to this ‘A word about New Years? I would rather receive a Pap smear from Captain Hook than venture out on New Years Eve'” Boyfriend, “gross”
Ok so perhaps she isn’t for everyone, but she is for me. She starts off the book by describing how 2011 sucked and really put her in a bad mood. Oh my gosh it sucked major for me too!! That’s the year I started in January looking for a new job so I could leave Ocean Spray yet didn’t find one until 2012, that’s the year my cat died, that’s the year that I had such an aversion to dating I would make excuses to sit around in my sweatpants, that’s the year I finished my MBA and the big time loan payments started rolling in. 2011 blew and now I can have someone to commiserate with! She starts out by stating that in order to get some peace back in her life she is going to follow Martha’s guide in certain areas like organization, entertaining, decorating etc. and then take on one project herself that isn’t from Martha and perhaps become and expert on it. This couldn’t come at a better time for me as well, I’m in the process of packing up my apartment after living in the same place since September of 2007. In the 6 years I’ve accumulated a lot of $#!t.

Halfway through the book (SPOILER ALERT) she loses her dog Maisy, who has been a main character in her novels since I started to read them. I couldn’t stop crying while I was sitting in the airport reading about this. Que the crazy looks from everyone as I was with my coworkers as well. There was a line on page 152 where she is talking about her dog and needing to give it meds. Her whole recap on the dreaded vet visits were all too familiar. I remember taking Beckham to the vets and each time we went there was more bad news. Something got worse, something new needs to be done, etc. etc. The quote that was said by her friend was “whatever happens is the new normal. As a parent I’ve learned that you do whatever it is you need to do. You don’t hesitate. You’ll make it work and you won’t think twice about the process. I couldn’t agree more with this. Something kicks in and the only thing your world revolves around is making your little guys happy, healthy and comfortable. Just as Jen is a mom to her animal babies, I treat my animals the same way and always will. With kids it will be the same, no questions no alternatives, they come before I do.

The rest of the book goes on about all the projects she does based off things she saw in Martha’s magazines and her take on the little extras. Her adventures through each season just make me laugh so hard, she is witty and has zero problem baring her faults for the amusement of the reader, I think she finds them as funny as we do. I laughed through this book, I cried through this book, I went to the airport bookstore and bought Martha Stewart Home Living magazine and signed up for it monthly, and I loved this book.

I cannot say enough about Jen Lancaster, I’ll read whatever she writes and have no qualms when people give me the eye for not reading something more high brow. In the Lancaster spirit I stick my nose up at them! 


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