Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

Friday night was date night, the plan originally started out with us going to Target to get stuff for the beach on Saturday and then going to dinner followed by a movie. We ended up spending a little too much time at Target and decided to forgo the dinner places we had researched to go to Uno’s right by the movie theater. We arrive at Unos and sit at the table, after ordering drinks I’m still looking at the menu and the boyfriend says “this isn’t where I want to spend date night. There are screaming kids, the floor is sticky and I’m not in a date night mood here”. So we paid for our drinks and then got back in the car realizing that we were probably going to miss the movie but at that point but not really caring. We started driving and went past a place that had gotten really good reviews but still didn’t really look like the place we wanted to spend the date night. While we were driving around we talked about how we should start doing date night once a week, to just get out of the apartment the two of us and talk. I mentioned how I use to babysit for a couple who did that and it seemed to really ground their relationship. So weekly date nights were instilled along the drive! Finally while driving through the coastal area of Winthrop the boyfriend saw a restaurant called The Rustic Table and it sounded good enough to me.

The place is very cute, and although there is no air conditioning the outside patio was plenty cool with the ocean right there, even during the heatwave that was going on. We weren’t starving so we passed on ordering appetizers and just got main courses. I got the seafood paella which was packed with clams, muscles, shrimp, squid and chorizo.  They boyfriend got steak tips and said he was impressed that the tips were actually cooked medium rare unlike most places where they are done through.

We then went back to the apartment and started to watch a movie, but I was dead tired and just passed out. Luckily too since we were up nice and early Saturday to head on out to the beach for the day. We went with his friend and his friends girlfriend and ended up meeting up with WHO and her niece and nephew while we were there. It was the perfect day to be at the beach because it was just so hot out, and we ended up staying until almost 4:00.

The largest clam I’ve ever seen! 

The day was slightly ruined though when we came home and found small ants had taken over the kitchen. They were everywhere! It took us almost two hours to set traps and run ant gel along all cracks thinking we got them all. Well when the boyfriend went out to get stuff for dinner and came back they were all over the counter again. So we took some all natural spray (had to because of the kitty) and doused the apartment with it. I believe we got them as I haven’t seen them since Saturday night, but for a full 24 hours the apartment smelled like Ben Gay.

Sunday we were both up and out of the apartment before 8 to head to Lenox, MA for a mini family reunion. It was so great to be able to see my family and I loved introducing them to the boyfriend. He seemed pretty comfortable and I know was liked by the whole family.

It was a long day though with the drive there and back and I just wanted to take a nap, but I made my way over to the softball field and the second I got out of the car I got my second wind. It carried me through the game and then drinking while watching a second game but it couldn’t carry me long enough to get me to go out after. Next weekend I promised I would not only pregame but go out, since I’ll be coming back from NH I’ll probably be dead, but a promise is a promise.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Has your house ever been overrun by bugs?
I have had ants before, but the huge carpenter kind that had built a nest in my old apt. It was awful! 


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