Small Changes

I was talking to WHO yesterday about making changes to become a healthier person and she mentioned something that I have always known but haven’t practiced, start small and until that small thing becomes a habit don’t move on to the next thing. So my two (yeah I tried to stay a little small) small things are eating breakfast in the morning and incorporating strength training into my work outs. I come from where most females come from in the sense that we think if it isn’t cardio it isn’t burning fat. Yet I look at all these people who actually do other things besides kill themselves on the machines and they look fantastic. So this week I started to bring that into my work outs. I would do a quick warm up of about 20 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical and then I would do a circuit. Not even really feeling like I had just worked out for 40 minutes because the exercises in the circuit are so quick that I’m constantly changing what I’m doing and it doesn’t become monotonous. On Tuesday I did what I call the A workout, because it is Abs and Arms (hence all the spiders cause they have a lot of arms!)

I am just starting out so for the weights I did 5 pounds on all but the bicep curls, those I was able to do 12 pounds. The next day I was so sore too, but it was a great feeling and I felt better about myself already. Wednesday night I didn’t work out because I met my friends for dinner but last night I went to the gym and did what I call the B work out, because it targets the back and butt. 

Today I can for sure feel where I did the side bends! Again I used 5 pound weights except for the side bends where I did the 12 pounds. I also never knew how hard doing a bridge on the stability ball was until I tried it. I have zero problem doing a bridge normally and can hold it for over two minutes, but the second I had to balance it was incorporating new muscles and my glutes started to burn! Today when I woke up I felt great though, in such a good mood and I even started to feel better about myself. Tonight I am told I only have time for a run before our date night, I guess I didn’t realize I had been spending so much time at the gym! Below are some of the songs I was listening to while working out. They are fine for the circuit training stuff but I wouldn’t recommend them for cardio, they aren’t fast enough in my opinion. 
I saw this cutie outside the gym yesterday and a blue heron while I was leaving. I wanted to pet this little guy but obviously petting wild animals isn’t the best idea. 
Last night for dinner the boyfriend grilled chicken I had marinating in barque sauce. He just had his with some rice pilaf but I needed more color and more protein so I added 1/3 of a avocado, a tomato and some quinoa. I also tried his pilaf and didn’t mind it as much as I remember, it isn’t my favorite but it wasn’t horrible so I put a spoonful on my plate. He was totally grossed out at all my stuff mixing, I just laughed because my mom does the same thing and for probably 28.5 years of my life I thought it was gross too. 
Even kitty is getting into fitness, he was practicing his balance beam routine this morning while I was getting ready. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m excited for mine, I have a date night tonight, beach tomorrow and then see my family Sunday morning and softball Sunday night! 
Your turn! What small or large changes have you made to get healthier? 

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