Breakfast and Pizza

Have you ever had a headache that you just can’t shake? I am on day two of just a dull throb and it is driving me crazy. I haven’t changed much in my diet much, so perhaps it is just the pressure outside or the heat or sinuses. Hopefully it goes away in the next few days because it is really throwing me for a loop.

So in reading all the blogs I do I noticed a common theme, almost all of the ladies eat breakfast, not just a cup of coffee or an apple, but a legit breakfast. Which got me thinking about why I don’t eat breakfast and the only reason I could come up with was to save calories for later in the day. Which just seems silly when you really think about it, how am I suppose to get up and get my body going running on nothing? So when I went to the grocery store I also got things for breakfast for the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had egg bowls and they were so delicious and really filled me up. On Tuesday I put in some buffalo chicken sausage, mushrooms, and dill havarti cheese

and on Wednesday I put in some tomatoes, avocado, buffalo chicken sausage and dill havarti cheese.

I’m also trying to fuel my body for my workouts in the afternoon with healthy snacks like fruit. A typical snack would be a plum then a few hours later a nectarine or some cherries.

The summer season makes the best produce and I’m trying to get as much of it as possible before the winter leaves me with hardly anything. Tuesday night the boyfriend offered to cook for me. He told me the ingredients he needed so while I was at the store I picked them up, yet when questioning him I kept asking if such and such was going to be added or if he was going to do it this way. He answered no to almost everything I asked but I kept my mouth shut because I know that if I was the one cooking and he did that to me it would drive me nuts but I was VERY skeptical. While he was in the kitchen making pizza I walked in took a look, got some fruit and walked out thinking “worst case I can have a big dessert if I don’t like it”. Finally dinner was reading and served up

Oh my lord was this fantastic! I loved the crust, I loved that the pizza had no sauce much to my insistence that all pizza has sauce I loved the way the tomatoes weren’t too runny making it gross. It was so good and I ate three large pieces. He wasn’t a fan that I took out goat cheese and put it on the crust, but I would have done that with the best pizza in the world if I had goat cheese lying around. (unless the crust was already stuff with it…man that’s a good idea!)

I’m glad I had eaten a huge salad that day so I could indulge in the pizza that night, it was totally worth it!

Last night I met up with one of my friend and my two ladies who I do date night with to catch up. We all play softball together but when we hang out with the group we don’t get to talk as much as we normally would so it was good to get out. We let him decide where we were going and it ended up being the 99, far cry from the places we normally go but when we got the bill the three of us laughed and said it wouldn’t cover one dinner on girls night, he didn’t really understand why we would eat food that expensive.

They did have really good margaritas though

And although I could have made it better the stuffed shrimp wasn’t that bad.

When you go out do you prefer more low key or higher end places?
I don’t care as long as the food is unique, fresh, tasty, and something I couldn’t do myself at home. 


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