Weekend Recap

If there was one word I would use to describe Upstate NY it would have to be peaceful. For the most part it is just massive expanses of land with farms on them. No matter the season it is absolutely beautiful, but I also think I’m partial because this is where my grandparents live and every time I visit them I’m 100% relaxed. Driving through Massachusetts on Friday night I was a little stressed, traffic was sticky and I just wanted the drive to be over. I stopped at the last rest area and got dinner (MCDONALDS!!) and then continued on the drive. I finished my dinner and then called the boyfriend since we said goodbye on Friday morning I was starting to miss him a little, but after a quick 30 minute chat I was fine and continued on my drive. Not long after I got off the phone with him the sun starting setting and it truly lit up the sky. I have been on beaches and seen the sun go down, but there is nothing that compares to the beautiful purple skies that I have seen in Upstate thus far.

I finally made it to E’s family home and we all caught up for awhile before heading off to bed. The next morning I didn’t wake up until 9:00 and it was such a luxury. Normally little kitten face or the boyfriend will wake me up well before that. I rolled out of bed and headed upstairs to see everyone. While we were all chatting I made breakfast for E’s fiance and myself. I love egg sandwiches!

We then headed off to the Expo to pick up our numbers and walk around.

I ended up getting some pink compression socks while we were there. I have read that they are really great for when you have to stand for long periods or running so I decided I was going to try them out on Sunday. They came with a free headband as well and I picked out one that said “Run now. Wine later.” It made me think of my date ladies and smile.

After the expo we quickly headed back home to set up for E’s nephew’s first birthday. It was great to have a preparty before the race and he was so cute through the whole thing. He started to get sleepy during the party which made him a little cranky but the second he had his birthday cake he was wide awake for the rest of the party. It was an awesome time just sitting around and relaxing, unfortunately it wasn’t really hot so I didn’t fee like getting in the pool. I also started a really great book, Divergent, and got a little caught up in it. That happened a few years ago when I was reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo as well, if I love a book I cannot stop reading it.

For dinner E, her fiance, her mom and I all went down to Carmella’s Cafe in New Hartford, NY where they give anyone with a race number a free dinner. They don’t give you junky free food either, you get a soup or salad along with bread and pasta for free. They totally don’t have to do this for the runners but every year I really appreciate it. I got the chickerina soup this year because they make the best soup I’ve ever had

and then some regular spaghetti.

I was jealous because everyone got a little more than I did, but E gave me some of hers and then I was stuffed. It was so good too!!

We headed on home and then quickly to bed after. The next day was the race which I recapped here and then the after party at her parents place. Sadly I couldn’t get the days off to stay until Monday so after an hour I had to head on home. Hopefully next year I can save an extra day so I don’t have to do that drive again. Before I even got on the highway I was in traffic

an hour later when I finally made it to the toll booth I was told that the thruway was shut down because of an accident so I took back roads. When I finally made it on the highway I got stuck in traffic three more times. I should have been home around 6:30 but didn’t get home until 8:30. I was beat! After a quick Chipolte dinner I passed out.

It was a great weekend though and I’m so glad I got to see her family!

What do you do while you are stuck in traffic? 
It it is dead still I will read a book, if it is just stop and go I’ll put in a CD and sing along.


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