Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying this sunny and fine Monday morning. I know when the alarm went off this morning it was hard to even move but I made it up and out and after a little Starbucks I’m feeling more like myself. Just a tad sore, but nothing horrible.

This weekend was a pretty busy weekend, so I am going to split it into two parts, the first today being all about the race yesterday and the second tomorrow being the rest of the weekend.

The race day started bright and early at 5:30 am. E came down and woke me up like she does every year, but like every year I’m hardly asleep as I have trouble falling asleep before races over 6 miles, I just get so psyched out that my mind won’t shut off. I had laid out my outfit the night before so it was just a quick face wash and teeth brushed, threw the contacts in and I was ready. I went upstairs after and made breakfast which was an English Muffin with peanut butter and a banana. Trying to get all the nutrients I might need into one little meal.

E’s boyfriend then dropped us off at the bus stop to get shuttled over to the start line. The line for the buses were so long it wrapped around the block, but shockingly we weren’t there longer than 15 minutes, they really have this thing down to a science.

When we got to the start line E went to the bathroom while I waited, hindsight I probably should have tried to go but I didn’t think I needed to at the time so I just waited. It was packed there though, and it was fun to see everyone’s different outfits. There were girls in all purple with tutus on, and grass skirts on another, even the Blues Brothers made an appearance.

Either that girl is part of Sigma Delta Tau or she is HUNGRY

Finally the race started and true to what the weather was predicting it was a scorcher! I was soaked before I reached mile one. About 3 minutes into my run I decided to run without the iPod. The crowd was really helping and I couldn’t focus on the music. Instead I decided to dedicate each mile to someone or a group of someones and every time I thought I couldn’t run anymore I would think of them and that would propel me forward a little more.


This first mile was dedicated to a lady named Wendy in NY. She was the one who gave me her number when she found out she wouldn’t be running it. She wasn’t selfish and trying to sell it on ebay or craigslist like others I saw, she gave it to me and it just cost the transfer price. I am very grateful for this as it would be the first time in 7 years that I wouldn’t be able to run the race. If I wanted to stop on mile one I thought of her giving me her place and kept on going.


The second mile was dedicated to my Utica extended family. They are the kindest people I know and I love every time I go and see them. I feel like I have an extra set of parents, two more sisters and tons of aunts and uncles. I even now have a little nephew who is the cutest little guy, such a happy happy baby! These are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I have such an awesome time every time we are together. I’m so glad that E is getting married this year so I can see them more than twice a year. Such great people and I’m so blessed to have them in my life!


While I was thinking of my Utica family I realized I have multiple families that I have been adopted into so the third mile went to my new AB family. These people are all awesome and so supportive. My career isn’t something that is expected to remain stagnant and just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean that it is all I will do for the rest of my tenure here. I’ve also made some great friends that I hang out with outside of work and when they say office happy hour I don’t automatically think “over my dead body am I spending any extra time here”

Mile 4

My Ocean Spray family was mile four. I hold the close friends I made there very near and dear to my heart. I remember talking to them while I was looking for other jobs and they were as disappointed in my lack of movement as I was. I have cried with these people, laughed with this people, been to marriages, wedding showers, baby showers and mourned when we lost loved ones. I’ve never felt so much love in my life from coworkers turned friends and miss them all the time. If I could have taken them with me I would have, but I still remain in contact with them which although isn’t enough it suffices. I also found it funny because one of my Ocean Spray family members use to come with me to races in RI and he would always say “don’t go the bathroom just hold it and get a good time”. So I laughed as I was waiting to use the porta-potty.

Mile 5

Mile 5 was for my Murder Train family who are the craziest “family” I have. This is my softball team and for 4 years, though some members have come and gone, and I always have a fun time when I am with them. I have also made two very close girlfriends with them who you have seen appear many times in the blog as I do girls night with them a few times I month. I love those ladies and am so happy to have them in my life. I’ve also made very close guy friends who I have done everything from ski vacations to carve pumpkins with. These guys always cheer me up and keep me positive.

Mile 6

This mile was dedicated to my newest family which is the family of the boyfriends. I have only met the parents of one previous boyfriend before I met this family. All other boyfriends haven’t wanted to get serious enough to let me meet their families, but after a little over a month I went to lunch with his mom and her husband and from there I have felt so welcomed into their family and homes. From Mothers’s Day brunch, to 4th of July BBQ’s, to spending time by the pool of his mom’s house I have never felt uncomfortable and have always been treated like I have been there all along. These are great people and I am so lucky to be included in their life.

Mile 7

More near and dear to my heart is my family, both blood related and the few close friends I have that I consider my family. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today, they have molded me with their guidance, let me fall and make mistakes only to be there to pick me back up when I have learned, supported me through three different colleges, celebrated my accomplishments, bragged about me, and scolded me when I got out of line.  I’ve called them from airports crying and they have given me strength from afar, both when I’m being irrational and when I have to get on a plane and leave a boyfriend in Mississippi in the air force. My grandparents who have been my vacation buddies since I got out of college and are my favorite people in the world, my parents who I cannot say enough about, my brothers who show kindness and are amazing humans who I am so proud about, my sister who I have unconditional love for, and my close friends who are my rocks some who have been around since I was 3 and some who have just come into my life after college.

Mile 8

My new rock, my boyfriend. My life has completely changed in the half a year I have been with him and I have never been so happy or felt so loved. I have found my lobster (points if you got that friends reference) and am so grateful to have him in my life. He has taught me to be a better person and makes me laugh regularly. I’ve heard from friends who have seen us together that we are nuts, but he just brings out my silly side and we have so much fun together. When I’m not with him I miss him, and when we are together I can’t get enough of him. “Falling in love is very real, but I used to shake my head when people talked about soul mates, poor deluded individuals grasping at some supernatural ideal not intended for mortals but sounded pretty in a poetry book. Then, we met, and everything changed, the cynic has become the converted, the sceptic, an ardent zealot.” -E.A. Bucchianeri. It isn’t that he is a perfect fit, I think there are many people out there who could fit into my life, but he is a mirror where I can see myself in. He shows me about myself, he tears down my walls and shakes me awake. He knows me on a level that other people don’t, showing me what is holding me back from being a better person and trying to get me there with his help and love.

Mile 9

This was actually 1.3 miles and saved for someone who I think about all the time now since I lost him, my grandpa. I’m blessed to have gotten to spend 30 years with this wonderful man and am even more blessed that he was my grandpa. From an early age he always made time for me and I remember seeing him regularly. He would drive up with my grandma and stay for the weekend, I always knew he was coming too because we would get Cheese-It’s and cookies before he arrived. He would read me books, he would walk and pull me along in my wagon, and he would stress education like no one I have ever known. I believe it is because of his insistence that education was important that I excelled in school and went on to get my masters. He helped pay for my education by always putting money into the account as well which is a priceless gift I can never repay him for, but I try all the time by not wasting what he gave me. I wish I knew more about my grandfather but he only spoke when he had something important to say, so I don’t know much. I know he attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis and then was the commanding officer on the USS Char and the USS Chub after which he retired and worked for GE and then volunteered in the local schools computer lab. He and my grandmother played tennis together and volunteered at Tanglewood together and fought all the time, yet had a deep love for one and other. He loved dogs and would often like pictures of the dogs more than the grandchildren, always stopping to pet a dog he walked by. He would walk with his hands clasped behind is back and kick stones he found along the way, a trait my mother also displays while she is walking. He was a fantastic man and I feel his around me all the time, until I meet him again I wish him fair winds and following seas.

After I dragged my butt across the finish line I went to meet up with everyone and was surprised to find my cousin’s girlfriend there to meet me!

I have the look of pure shell shock as I had just walked up and was so hot and overtired. I quickly bounced out of it though as the crowd around the stage for the band was huge

And there was multiple fly overs.

For two hours we listened to music, enjoyed a few beers and talked about how hot this year was compared to previous years.

I love this weekend and am already looking forward to next time, but I do believe next time will be a nice 5k and not the 15!

What’s the longest race you have ever run and how did you get through it?
Mine is a full marathon and I got through it with the kindness of a stranger and my friend Kaelyn who I lump into mile 7. 


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